• FactsRubiks cubes

    Everything You Need To Know About Rubiks Cubes

    Rubik’s Cubes are a fascinating company. It is exciting to shuffle, and interesting to solve them. It has nothing to do with mathematics, but undoubtedly it increases your problem-solving skills. Below are some relevant details that every beginner or even a Rubik’s fan must know via: Ruwix Erno Rubik invented Rubik’s cube in 1974, which is a Hungarian architect. The…

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  • Bored With Rubik’s Cubes? Check Out These Fascinating Types Of Cubes!

    Types Of Cubes Solving the same Rubik’s cube, again and again, has no fun! There are many more cubes available that can make your cube time more interesting. Pancake cube Oskar Van Deventer made this cube in 2016. The name is mouth-watering, but the cube is mind twisting. It consists about 27 layers of pieces arranged one above the other.…

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