Bored With Rubik’s Cubes? Check Out These Fascinating Types Of Cubes!

Types Of Cubes

Solving the same Rubik’s cube, again and again, has no fun!

There are many more cubes available that can make your cube time more interesting.

Pancake cube

Oskar Van Deventer made this cube in 2016. The name is mouth-watering, but the cube is mind twisting. It consists about 27 layers of pieces arranged one above the other.



Oskar Van Deventer made this cube. As the name goes, the cube is in U shape. It costs about $268 to buy this cube.

Via: Shapeways

Geared Hex

This cube has its own even to twist this cube. It’s a hexagonal cube with crossly arranged similar pieces.

Via: Shapeways

Spinning Dials cube

This cube is an extended version of the Rubik’s cube. It consists of spinning dials added to the regular pieces. It can be further shuffled by spinning these numbered wheels too. This makes it difficult to solve it as there is an increase in the number of permutations.

Via: Geekologie

Krystian’s cube

It is a new type of twisty puzzle. Its turn is enabled when a 2*2*2 piece is turned by 45 degrees.

Via: YouTube

Mirror Cube

This is a very famous cube. It is a Rubik’s cube with pieces of different sizes but same colour. Its solution is same as the Rubik’s cube solution

Via: Ruwix

Axis Cube

Unlike Rubik’s cube, this cube doesn’t have regular cuts to twist the puzzle. It has cross axes to shuffle the pieces.

Via: Cut Corner Cubes

Ghost Cube

It is a combination of mirror cube and axis cube. It intermittently has many more pieces than the axis cube.

Via: Shapeways

Pyraminx puzzle

It is in the shape of a pyramid. It is actually charming to see with smooth curves.

via: AliExpress

Hope you enjoyed this article. Comment below, if you know more types of cubes to play with.

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