10 Technologies we Cannot Live Without

As the world developed gradually, there were scientific and technological advancements. First there was the invention of cars, then aeroplanes, then radios, television, telephones and now the world has come to such a time where everything is just a click away, be it in your tablets or mobiles. Such technological developments were made to make lives easier, but such has come a day that we are nothing less than slaves of technology. It has practically made us depend on them so much that life seems impossible if either of these devices go missing from our lives.

Although these technological advancements have made life simpler, they have made us heavily depend on them for doing even the basic daily things of our life. Technology has grown at a massive pace. It saves us time and makes everything convenient. Thus, here are 10 technologies/technological inventions we cannot live without.

10 Technologies we Cannot Live Without

1. Internet

Well it is indeed hard to imagine a world without internet, especially the present world, where practically for every activity of ours, the internet is needed. Like food, water and shelter, internet has gradually become a necessity. As the world progressed, the importance of internet increased. From children studying in schools and colleges to people working to the old and retired adults, internet has become a necessity, for education, or to stay in touch with colleagues, or for online submissions or just for entertainment. It would not be an exaggeration to say this, but even the ones who are considered as lower class or the destitute have gained access to the internet, and depend heavily on it. 

2. Fridge

One of the major appliances visible in every household is the refrigerator. Without having a fridge in the household seems like an empty household. It is like an ac box which does not mind accommodating anything put inside it, and although it might seem overflowing with things, but there is always some place or other in there willing to make place for more edibles to be stuffed. The major help which we received from this technological innovation was now we did not have to care about food being bad or stale or, about drinks going warm and unenjoyable.

3. Radio

Until there was televisions or computers or internet for that matter, the only form of entertainment to people was the radios, and in fact even today radios have stayed popular among people, especially the old, who just like to enjoy audio more than video.

4. Mobile Phones

Look around you, and you would agree with me on this fact, that all around you, every person has a mobile phone. Again, just like the necessities of life such as water and oxygen, mobile phones have become extremely important to people. Not just for contacting and connecting with people, mobile phones have literally simplified life completely. Now one can call anyone from any part of the world, and doesn’t need to stay home for that, unlike one had to back during the telephonic times. Everything is made available to you in just one click. Thanks to high production and cheap mobiles made available to public, that it is visible in hands of every person around.

5. Satellite TV

Mainly created for the visual representation of news, a satellite television has now gained a place for entertainment purposes. Now, as technology continues to advance, satellite tv is one of cable’s biggest competition.

6. Washing Machine

With people starting to devote more time to work than the house, the household chores go neglected. To avoid that, many people have considered keeping washing machines at home. Washing clothes have always been a tedious job, and having a washing machine makes it convenient and time saving. Not just for working families, but even for students and working bachelors living alone, and especially for the old, the washing machine is a blessing.

7. Dishwasher

Another appliance visible in the household of working people is the dishwasher. An innovation of the 20th century, the dishwasher has made washing and drying dishes an easier job. With rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, the dishwasher comes handy when one would want their household chores all done and without much effort.

8. Microwave

Again, another important home appliance without which life would seem abnormal is the micro wave. You can cook, bake, grill or heat whatever you want and in very less time without much elaborate process.

9. Glasses/Spectacles

How would people with minor eye blindness or difference in their eye power survived in this world, if it was not for the spectacles/ glasses. Not a creation of recent times, spectacles have been of great help for better vision and to make seeing easier and hassle free, scientists had come up with contact lenses in the recent times, to avoid taking extra care for the spectacles. With so much use of the laptop, televisions and mobile phones, staring onto the screens during the long hours of walk, reading/working in dim lights, are a few reasons among others why many of us have vision problem, and from an early age need to use spectacle for seeing. Thus, if not for all but for the partial blind, which most of us are, Glasses/Spectacles are indeed a necessity.

10. Air Conditioners

Well we would blame the weather conditions of a place for this but air-conditioners are another important technology without which the well off have an inability to live, especially those living in the hot area or really warm cities. The use of air conditions deteriorates the climatic condition and the ozone layer, but none of us take that into consideration much. It is more like our comfort over environmental concern.

It does seem like humans have important and long-lasting relationships with technologies and devices, rather than with other humans. One would only replace these technologies if they are broken or partly-functioning. Fun fact is that many of us would “upgrade” our partners rather than upgrade or changing our appliances.

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