Eurotophobia a Person with Fear of Female Genitalia.


Anyone can fear anything. But really is it so? Means really the fear could be anything? Can it be a fear of Female and further Female Genitalia also? Though it sounds weird, yes, there are people who have a phobia of Female Genitalia. This fear of Female Genitalia is known as Eurotophobia.

Eurotophobia only sounds to be an unusual type of fear, but it could really prove to be a very serious one. One who is suffering from this fear would try to escape from women for almost all the time. Now, it is very obvious that almost everyone confronts female and actually female genitalia once or more in their life. So, People who are Eurotophobic, found themselves to be very uncomfortable while hanging around a woman. This ultimately spoils their relationship and whole romantic life.

 What are the Symptoms of Eurotophobia?

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It is very difficult to determine certain gestures as key symptoms for any phobia. Actually, the symptoms of any phobia vary from person to person. Though there are certain factors that could be taken into consideration while determining. This could be the mental status, lifestyle factors and the severity of fear.

Eurotophobia is sometimes misunderstood with the fear of women. It is not, but a prolonged fear or phobia condition can actually result in it. This ultimately prevents the sufferer from entering into any relationship with someone. In some cases, it may also happen that the sufferer starts to lead a homosexual lifestyle.

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Some of the general symptoms which are usually observed in Eurotophobia people are:

  • Extreme anxiety while being near to a woman.
  • A huge panic attack when exposed to female genitalia.
  • Abnormal behavior due to extreme anxiety and fear levels.
  • Rapid heart rate, heavy breathing, weakness, fainting, dizziness, tingling and numb hands, sweating, chest pain etc. are some other symptoms.

 What Causes Eurotophobia?

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A phobia can be triggered possibly by anything. There may be a situation when there is no reason behind this. On the other hand, having less self-confidence can also lead to such a situation where a man tries to stay away from women or avoid sexual relationships. Now above all, the situation of Trauma is the most common reason for Eurotophobia.

Childhood incidents leave indelible marks on one’s mind. These slowly and slowly further take the shape of huge fear or phobia. Associating the situation with Eurotophobia, it might be the situation that a child had been molested or sexually abused by a woman. In extreme case, the child could have been directly exposed to female genitalia. The child develops a sense of huge disbelieve and fear of women. Further, in their lives, they start to equate these things with a perception of fear and pain. In a nutshell, they evolve morbid phobias of all females and females genitalia.

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 How to treat Eurotophobia?

Obviously when there are no distinct symptoms and causes of Eurotophobia. So, again the treatment would vary from person to person. This can be treated by incorporating therapy sessions or using medications or some other methods, either of the ones which are most suited by the sufferer.

Shock Therapy could be a solution. The therapist confronts the person with an enormous amount of female pictures. In early days, it could be a shocking or terrible experience for the sufferer, but later on, he/she will build up more confidence. It would become less terrible and further non-existent fear for the sufferer to meet a woman.

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Hypnotherapy is also another solution. It helps the therapist as well as the suffering person to better know and understand the root cause of the problem. In this way, they can collectively find out the most suitable treatment for the problem.

Another could be a Social Therapy. It is nothing but a group talk or group interaction where the person can talk to females more comfortably. This will lead them to demarcate the difference between all women. They will, later on, start to understand the fact that not every woman is bad and aspires to hurt and give pain. Most of them actually are good.  The phobic person can also go for medications if he feels like. So, On and all, these all treatments will allow the sufferer to start a good social as well as personal life with a woman ahead.

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