10 Weirdest Museums Around the World

Ancient ruins and remains throw light on the history of medieval times. And if it wasn’t for museums, who would have offered us a glimpse of the vital knowledge about our forefathers?

We know what museums are and the best way to describe them is as buildings that store artefacts, pottery, statues, and artwork, which are either mundane or extraordinary and have an artistic, cultural, scientific, or historical interest.

But apart from the extraordinary, there are a few museums around the world that are dedicated to weird and unusual things.

What sort of weird things, you ask? Well, browse below to find out.

10 Weirdest Museums Around the World

1. Cup Noodle Museum, Japan

Cup Noodle Museum, Japan
Image credit: Getty Images

Well, you can probably make out from the name that this museum is dedicated to instant noodles and cup noodles. This museum exhibits the history of the founder Momofuku Ando, along with the history of instant ramen. Visitors can also have fun by making their instant noodles from scratch at the Instant Ramen Workshop.

2. Museum Of Sex, New York

Museum Of Sex, New York
Image credit: The New York Times

This museum was started to preserve and present the significance of the evolution, history and culture of human sexuality. Visitors can indulge themselves and seek pleasure in the bouncy breast castle or adore the vintage erotic photography.

3. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, India

Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, India
Image credit: Twitter

Provision of proper health and sanitation is a must. But dedicating an entire museum to toilets and commodes dating back to 2500 B.C. is strange, right?

4. The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Iceland

This tiny country with a population of 3.38 lakhs offers more than the gorgeous landscapes, sports, literature, art and cuisine. It has been home to the unique and famous Phallological Museum in Reykjavik which holds the display of penises as large as 170 cm of a blue whale to a 2 mm baculum of a hamster. It also holds 280 specimens of other 93 species of animals.

5. Cancún Underwater Museum, Mexico

Cancún Underwater Museum, Mexico
Image credit: The New York Times

Even if you’re not a certified scuba diver, you can still experience these cool underwater exhibits via a glass-bottom boat in Mexico. The Cancún Underwater Museum holds an ancient civilization comprising of 500 sculptures created with marine concrete for the corals to grow and maintain the art of the ocean 50 feet beneath the sea.

6. Museum Of Broken Relationships, Croatia

Museum Of Broken Relationships, Croatia
Image credit: The Leipzig Glocal

This museum has exhibits of the failed lovers/relationships which includes personal photographs, letters, messages and confessions by anonymous donors. So next time someone breaks your heart, make sure you mend it with scotch tape or send your sentiments to this museum.

7. Condom Museum, Thailand

Condom Museum, Thailand
Image credit: Flickr

Apart from the quirky nightlife of Bangkok, the Condom Museum is intended by the Ministry of Health to get the people to eliminate the negative point of view on condom usage, create awareness about safe sex and boost their confidence in using condoms.

8. Micropia, Netherlands

Micropia, Netherlands
Image credit: New Yorker

Ever wondered if there is life on the tip of your finger or on the rim of your coffee mug? If yes then Micropia, the museum of microbes lets you immerse and discover the world full of invisible yet beautiful microorganisms you could have only ever imagined.

9. Chez Galip Hair Museum, Turkey

Chez Galip Hair Museum, Turkey
Image credit: Detecher

Turkey holds a history of ceramics and pottery. But a new interest was born when a local potter was bidding farewell to a friend, where she decided to cut off a tiny piece of her hair as a memento. Today the walls of the cave hold 16,000 samples of hair, each of different length and color, given by various women from around the world along with their name and addresses.

10. Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum, USA

Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum, USA
Image credit: Smithsonian

Salt and pepper – a heavenly duo which acts as pixie dust in our bland food. But do you know that there is a museum containing 20,000 sets of Salt & Pepper Shaker of all shapes and sizes?

So which of the above museums would you put on your bucket list?

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