What Do Planets And The Universe Sound Like?

The human race exists for an experience in living. Those encounters are the days and long nights or that chaos which passes our lives with no invitation. These experiences qualify through our senses. We hear the sound of the world, spectate the nearby through our eyes, smell the wisdom of atmosphere and sensate closeness of loved ones through the touch.

planets and universe sound
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Every moving particle residing in the space of mysterious universe has it’s own belonging, own identity and it’s own sounds. The fishes in the ocean talked through audible sounds, insects sat for discussions through their body language, theories also prove the sand particles communing through their formation and sediments. Astonished? what if I make you believe for those stars shining a million distance away also speak? We build our belief on what we see because we study what we see and what we see is not always what exists! and perhaps human race is legitimized for the only species who communicate and who had known a language and songs rooted from their tradition. The brains who were mindfully connected to the surroundings and auras discovered a sound and a language in each ordinary and simplest of the things just lying there.

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The universe has its own language, we are a part of one and there lay million of another universe, among which few remained undiscovered carrying their business silently in some light years ahead. This universe always talked and made a sound in their language called “the sound of the universe“. Let me take you to the proven theories before you trash me into the bins of silliness and philosophy. The sun, a divine yet hazardous source of colossal light says it’s own language, this fact indulges us to further skeptical expressions of “how can the sound exit in the absence of atmosphere out there in space?”. These sounds of languages exist in a form of “electromagnetic vibrations” which were recorded by the special sound instruments and transmitted to audible frequencies.

The secrets of mystery don’t stop unwinding here, it rides us further to every object and the giant galaxies of universe enchanting their own sounds which belonged to their language and special songs of their belonging. Scientists say these sounds are merely the reasons of electron collapsing each other which are spread in and around the celestial body’s atmosphere. The history had known the existence of the cosmic neighborhood through telescopes and now have proven the sounds of the bodies in same cosmic neighbor which itch an infinity to discovery and prediction which may knock our doors in future and debate to prove the next unimaginable concepts. The technology reaches beyond the galaxies and worlds, who knows when the news would flash our television screens depicting an another Earth residing a distance ahead. Let’s be boundless and restless to accept the biggest of stigmas world tells us.

Unforeseen is that future which may cause news about the “animals buying homes! or the citizens moving to forests“, who knows what comes next here, so stay tuned for more such impossibles transmitted into actuality.

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