6 Fashion Essentials For All Women

How many times you have opened your closet and stared at it with utter dismay? Whether it be due to the lack of ideas, time constraints, or simple laziness, we often don’t have the time to plan our outfits properly. So here is a helping hand. Make sure your wardrobe has these items handy, and the next time you are in a rush, fall back on these classic styles for an effortlessly chic look.

6 Fashion Essentials For All Women

1. Blue Denim and Black

denim jacket and black
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This eternal duo can work in every possible combination. Don’t all black with a denim jacket over, or wear black jeans with a denim shirt above. Or, go for the simple denim jeans with a blacktop. You can also try dresses, rompers, and shorts with this look. Whatever you may choose, it will most probably look great. The basic colors of this combination also allow you to wear large, funky accessories, but I would suggest sticking to a casual look with some glasses, a handbag, or a hat. If you want to experiment with something classy, try the double denim trend – denim shirt, and denim jeans with black over them.

2. Rings

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Rings have been continuously in use since ancient times, and there is a good reason for it. You can buy one good quality ring that can be your staple piece with every outfit, or invest in several different kinds to match your outfits. Ring stacking and matching ring sets can elevate this everyday accessory. Try to wear a single ring with a good design and a thin band if you have short fingers. If you have long, slender fingers, do try the multiple rings look. When buying band rings, try to go for basic colors such as silver, gold, and black. For signature pieces, chose whatever catches your eye, but be sure of the ring size before you make a purchase.

3. White Shirt and Jeans

white shirt and jeans
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Another classic combination that walks the fine line between casual and trendy, a simple white shirt with any color jeans is a sure-shot way of looking good. Wear an oversized tee with skinny jeans for a day out with friends, or roll up the sleeves and pop a few buttons on your shirt. You can accessorize with heels, scarves, glasses, or bags, but the central focus should be the type of white top that you chose. The light summer trend can be upgraded with dungarees and a loose shirt. But, be sure to be careful around drinks and water- any liquid might stain the shirt or make it see-through. My personal favorite is accessorizing with silver or gold accessories for a clean, light summer look.

4. LBD – Little Black Dress

little black dress lbd
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The best thing about the little black dress is its versatility. The same simple, well-structured dress can turn into a corporate outfit with a blazer, a party dress with some chunky accessories and killer heels, a casual day dress with some sneakers and a hat, and a rock chic costume with red leather and spikes. So, you can either invest in a good, simple dress that you can modify, or buy a few for different occasions. Always keep in mind the comfort, length and fit while buying an LBD, especially if you wish to use it on various occasions. Red heels, another fashion classic, will always go best with the dress.

5. Leather Jacket

leather jacket
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All of the biker dreams. A good leather jacket will not only keep you comfortable in the biting cold, but it will also elevate any outfit to something more edgy and chic. Simple black jackets with pockets and a straight zip will always be the top choice, but my personal bias leans towards the dark red with side zip. A hoodie under the jacket is a great casual look. A good jacket tends to be expensive, so be sure of your size, planned use, and wardrobe articles before you make a purchase. Go for the ones that are actually warm, have deep pockets, and an interior pocket if possible. After all, style should not come at the price of utility and comfort.

6. Boots

I mean, do I even need to put this here? Boots are the most versatile, comfortable, and trendy footwear ever invented. The diversity in size, color, styles, length, and material means that you can easily find something that suits you. They go well with dresses, jeans, socks, and even leggings. Heeled boots are best for accessorizing but go for the flat ones if you plan to walk around a lot. Also, avoid boots under open bottoms, such as palazzo pants or boyfriend jeans- they tend to take away from the boots to make them look like weird shoes. Apart from that, boots are an amazing way to finish off your outfit, and a must-have for every closet.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these must haves from the stores, or dust them off if you have them already. Keep them right in the front of your closet, and the next time you go out, you won’t have to worry about looking good.

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