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15 Effective Types Of Jump Rope Workouts

One piece of equipment you should have for indoor and outdoor workouts is a jump rope, and you can practice it anytime, anywhere. All you will require is a jump rope, timer, and a suitable flat surface for jumping. Whether you’re new to jump rope or have been at it for years, it’s always fun and intriguing to learn new tricks. Jump rope is an adaptable activity tool. This benefits you to burn more calories, improve your cardio and fulfill your fitness goals without getting bored, and the best part is that you are constantly learning. 

Warm-up stretches

Joint rotations (shoulder rolls, cross crawl and heel raises).

To cool down at the end 30 secs of standing calf stretch, hip flexor stretch, chest stretch and hamstring stretch.


1. Form.
2. Make sure the rope is neither too long nor short.
3. Stay on your toes and slightly bend your knees. You don’t need to jump high.
4. Keep your arms at hip level. Position and posture are key elements.

15 Effective Types Of Jump Rope Workouts

1. Jump rope basic jump

The basic jump is the most essential step every beginner needs to learn. It is very easy. If you are just starting to learn jump rope, this basic jump should be understood before moving on to other steps.

2. Alternate Foot Step jump

This is one of the most effective and frequently used jumps. Looking for a high-intensity workout?  then do give this a try. To challenge yourself, try this exercise at a fast pace with the heavy rope.

3. Boxer step jump

It is a typical trick popularized by boxers. The boxer’s step jump enables you to jump for longer periods as you are constantly switching your weight from one foot to the other. This trick helps improve endurance and boost cardio.

4. High knee jump rope

It is a higher intensity variation of the alternate foot step jump. This will get your heart rate up and give you the ability to do some effective workouts.

5. Jump rope jacks

It can be executed by all levels of jumpers. This helps you to increase your coordination and can be combined into your basic jumps and alternate footstep jump.

6. Mummy kicks the jump rope

They are fun and easy to learn. Try adding these to your workout.

7. Crisscross jump rope

It is a very famous jump rope activity. The trick needs time and patience to master. But once you nail it down, you can target the upper body muscles more effectively and also look pretty badass.

8. Side swing jump

Not only does it look smooth, it also gives you the ability to actively rest in between. Try this trick with heavy ropes for an incredible upper body workout.

9. Side under jump

It is more difficult than it looks. It is good for adding variation to your workout.

10. Half and full twist jump

This is another fun type of basic jump.

11. Single foot jump rope

Single foot jump is fun to learn and helps improve balance, coordination and ankle strength. It places more pressure on your calves. Hence, we don’t use them often.

12. Heel-toe step jump

This trick is great for footwork and coordination. You can use it in a jump rope circuit.

13. Double-unders

One of the most sought-after jump rope tricks is the double unders. This is a challenging, high-intensity trick and can take your strength or cardio to the next phase.

14. Criss Cross double-unders

It is a highly progressive and explosive type of jump rope exercise. Do not try this until you feel very confident with the basic double unders. It helps to build power, strength, and endurance.

15. Backward jumping

The amazing thing about this is, you can do all of the exercises above backward and it gives you a feel for the rope and improves coordination.

Hope this post helped you know various jump rope tricks you can now add to your workouts.

Let us know in the comments below.

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