Should Women Exercise During A Menstrual Cycle?

You should take rest for a week during your menstrual cycle.

Make sure you don’t lift heavy weights.

Don’t enter the Kitchen or don’t even jump around.

Don’t go out to play.

Don’t exert yourself with workouts during your periods.

Almost every girl has heard these dialogues in her life- either from her grand mother, mother, female relatives or even her trainers. This is just another myth that hasn’t been assessed by the experts. Most of the girls are excused out of their workout routines during these days and for the so called cause being menstrual cycle. There are a lot of myths that are being followed in a full fledged manner in every household on India and many other countries, regarding the menstrual cycle and the the way girls should behave during these days. These stereotypes have now become a part of daily lives of females but now its high time to break them. So here is a chance to read and be free from the shackles of stereotypical lifestyle.

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Even I was once a victim of this very same myth as every other girl, until I met a physiotherapist. Who actually changed my perception and the way I used to live my life. When I asked her this query her answer to it proved to be an eye-opener for me.

This myth regarding workout routines in menstrual cycle days is strongly supported by saying that, ‘It’s bad for health’.

Rather than saying it’s bad for a girl’s health, I would say that exercising during the menstrual cycle is good for every girl’s health!

Here are some benefits of exercising during menstruation!

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(1) Regular exercises help in giving comfortable periods. There are studies done on the same topic. And exercising at this point of time has actually proven beneficial without actually causing any harm to your body in the long run.
(2) When you exercise regularly, heavy bleeding is normalized. And that also helps you in reduction of cramps. Less cramps, Less pain!
(3) You feel less bloated, and mood swings are managed very well. Bloating reduces the moment you sweat while exercising. So to decrease your bloating increase exercise.
(4) Feel good hormones are released during a workout, which helps in keeping you happy and less irritated during your menstrual cycle days. And it helps in gaining you a happy and positive you to get set go for a whole good day.
(5) You tend to lose more weight on the days when you are menstruating. This is because the level of female hormones drops during the menstrual cycle, which helps the body access carbohydrates and glycogen easily. This, in turn, accelerates the fat burning process. So if you are in a process to lose weight then trust me its the right time and you can avail maximum benefit.

Listen to your body!

– Every girl’s body is different. You need to check signs and symptoms for your body and keep a check on how it works on your body and good results are then awaited.
– If you have severe abdominal cramps, a simple walk will also help in lowering your cramps. Do not indulge yourself in strenuous workouts.

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But if you do not have such symptoms, go ahead and workout!

What kind of workout should you do during a menstrual cycle?

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If you have no symptoms of discomfort, continue with your daily workout routine. If you are facing even the slightest of discomfort, you can try any of these mentioned below:-
(1) Walking
(2) Running
(3) Yoga
(4) Aerobics
(5) Dancing
(6) Planks

Workout and feel good!

Be proud to be a woman!

All the wonderful women out there, you are truly awesome!

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