10 Surprising Facts About TEQUILA Shots

What if I tell you that a glass of alcohol would be beneficial for you?

And mind you, it’s not wine. It’s TEQUILA!

Here is a list of some benefits that you should get with a single shot of Tequila

10 Surprising Facts About TEQUILA Shots


1. Tequila is a pro-biotic drink

A shot can help you maintain a proper balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, assisting in healthy digestion and ailing other gastrointestinal disorders.

2. Tequila improves digestion- helps in relieving constipation

It contains fructans, which are non-digestible to the human body. Hence it relieves constipation.

3. Tequila increases insulin production

Well, agavina, which is sugar that comes from agave plant is used to produce tequila. However, this triggers insulin production and lowers blood sugar.

4. Tequila helps certain medications to reach the colon

For individuals who suffer from diseases like Crohn’s disease, IVS, and colitis, take certain medications that are a way of life. A shot of tequila helps those drugs to reach the colon before they break through the HCL.

5. Tequila helps in aiding weight loss

There are specific components in tequila that can help in losing weight.

6. You don’t really get a hangover with shots of tequila

Many people will disagree with this fact, but I am not talking about low-quality tequila. If you take 100% pure agave tequila, you will never get a hangover!

7. Tequila helps in fighting cholesterol.

Increasing fiber in the diet will help in lowering cholesterol. Like fiber, agavins lower triglycerides in the blood (as per the research).

8. Tequila might help in treating cold

In ancient times, doctors in Mexico used to give in tequila concoction to fight off the common cold. 5 ounces of tequila blanc + 5 ounces of agave nectar +5 ounces of lime juice.

9. Tequila helps in reducing the pain

Further, tequila is proven to dilate blood vessels, which helps in better blood flow and minimizes pain levels. When it comes to emotional distress, nothing can beat tequila is the remedy for that too.

10. It won’t make you feel fat like vodka and beer

This alcohol will make you feel least bloated!

We do not recommend drinking alcohol. These are just a list of facts. Therefore, we hope you enjoy reading our article on facts about Tequila shots!


Shivam Chopra belives a lot in healthcare! Not just because he is about to be a Doctor, but also because he belives in the power of changing lifestyle! By qualification he is an aspiring physiotherapist which helps in giving him practical knowledge. He is also a certified Aerobic Instructor from IAFT and a Physical therapist from Manual Therapy Foundation Of India. He is also certified for Basic Life Support (BLS) & CPR from Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.

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