Rupi Kaur – A Writer Who Healed Through Poetry

Who is Rupi Kaur?

Rupi Kaur is a Sikh and a Canadian who completed her education in Toronto. Rupi Kaur is a known and talked about artist, poet, writer, and illustrator. Kaur gained prominence after her picture ban case from Instagram. She has uploaded her image laying in cosy bed with menstrual stains portraying struggles of womanhood. Instagram warned the picture as capacitated to violate Instagram community guidelines, and it was removed by Instagram. She fought against the ban, which later resulted in Instagram apologising and reasoning that the picture was banned by mistake.

rupi kaur writer poet author

Her Best Work

Rupi Kaur is the author of a best seller and New York Times feature “milk and honey”. The book milk and honey encourages women about their capabilities and gives a message that women shall be called brave before they are called beautiful. Her quotes tell, that a woman has everything since day one, but she is convinced by the society that she doesn’t have it.

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Here are some quotes which you can enjoy

What is stronger than a human heart 

which shatters over and over,

but still, lives

-Rupi Kaur

The way they leave

tells you everything

-Rupi Kaur

Let it go

let it leave

let it happen

nothing in this world was promised or belonged to you anyway.

Rupi Kaur

How her work has healed many lives

Rupi Kaur has a wide fan following now and has an Instagram of 1.4 million followers. Her readers always review how the book milk and honey helped them coping up. She still receives letters from fans and strangers dedicating their thanks to Rupi, as her writing saved their dingy lives when they thought of suicide. Rupi is featured in major magazines and covered by BBC, telling the audience how Rupi’s words are performing a healing in the reading world.

Rather indulging the readers into a story, Rupi’s streamed her work to spread lessons and poems which always reflect reality. Her writing has no characters and no story plot but just the words which set right in today’s “no time for heartbreak world”. Her soul idea is to tell the readers that experiencing anxiety and depression is alright and depicts her thoughts in form of quotes and beautiful illustrations.

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