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How To Clean The Most Ignored Part Of A Body Belly Button

A crop top, a sexy sari, or a three-piece designer suit is in trend nowadays and a common thing among these attires is the visibility of our belly button.

So we have to make sure that this region of our body looks clean and good. But unfortunately, it is the most ignored area!

We wash our face, our body, skin behind the ears, underarms, and all the intimate areas so why not belly button?
It is really very important to wash and clean our belly button daily like we cleanse our body.

But more important is how to clean Belly Button or Navel (Nabhi in Hindi).

Why should you clean your belly button?

Before we tell you How To Clean the Belly Button, let us first make it clear why you need to clean your navel part. While having a bath cleaning your belly button is always neglected, in fact cleaning it should be a necessary part of your hygiene.

Since it’s quite deep, it becomes the hardest and most time-consuming area to clean, hence, we do not do that in our busy schedule.

clean navel belly button

Due to this lots of dirt gets stimulated in this area making it an open space for the bacteria to grow.  Did you know your belly button not only stores dead skin, dried sweat, and dirt but also (more than) 2,300 bacteria in it?

This was detected in scientific research which became famous and was then named BBB (Belly Button Biodiversity).

How To Clean Your Belly Button?


Cotton, water, baby oil/rubbing alcohol.


Dip the cotton into the water.

Wipe your navel with the same cotton properly with a gentle hand be careful and do not rub it too hard.

This will help remove the dirt from the navel.

Let your belly button get dried now.

After that take dry cotton and dip it into some baby oil or some rubbing alcohol.

Throw away the old cotton and Repeat the same procedure with new cloth (which has soaked some oil).

You need to be very gentle while you are rubbing the cotton into your belly button.

Rub the cotton to your belly button in a circular manner.

Do not repeat this procedure more than twice at a time.

After you feel your navel is clean, wipe it gently and slowly with some dry cotton. Make sure all the solutions used by you for your cleaning purpose is wiped out with this dry cotton.

Finally, now your belly button is neat and clean and ready to show off the clean button by wearing crop tops or good sarees.

Do you too know some methods and have any views on How To Clean Navel? Then, don’t forget to comment below.

Niharika Dadoo

I am currently pursuing Psychology. An avid reader, I love to play with colors on the canvas and express myself through writing. Niharika

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