Mystery Around The Bermuda Triangle: What Is The Truth?

No one would have ever imagined a place responsible for the vanishing of several airplanes and ships that, too, without any trace. But, to our surprise, there exists such a place. No one is aware of the genuine truth, but people have been speculating the reason behind such mystery around the Bermuda Triangle for centuries.

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Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the North Atlantic Ocean that lies in Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This place has long been associated with mysterious disappearances and paranormal activity. It is also said that a science channel reported hexagon-shaped air bombs over the region. The report suggested that 170-mph air bombs can bring down planes and ships. Researchers concluded this after studying similar cloud formations in Europe’s North sea. But, according to various meteorologists, this was a common weather pattern seen all over the world. On the other hand, shipwreck mystery aficionados believe that the USS Cyclops and many other shipwrecks have been lost to time in this deep-sea trench. Let’s explore the mystery around the Bermuda Triangle further.

Incidences that occurred years ago:

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Years ago, this place was a hotspot for many instances, for which no one has a plausible explanation—reports of such events dated back to the 19th century. A few boats were found missing with no proof or witness; others transmitted no signals and were never retraced. Aircraft were also believed to have vanished without any evidence, and a lot of rescue missions disappeared from that location.

But many scientists believe that mainly geophysical and environmental factors are responsible for such instances. On the other hand, relatives of the 309 people lost in accidents are still searching for answers. Some scientists are also claiming that gas bubbles could explain the mystery around the Bermuda Triangle.

Theories behind the disappearances:

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One well-known hypothesis is that the missing vessels were felled by alleged “rogue waves,” which are monstrous waves that can arrive at elevations of up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) and are powerful enough to destroy the sight or to crush all proof of a boat or a plane. The Bermuda Triangle is situated in the Atlantic Ocean zone, where storms from numerous origins can merge, making rebel waves bound to happen. Another hypothesis is that pilots neglected to recognize the line—the spot at which there is no compelling reason to make up for magnetic compass variety—as they moved toward the Bermuda Triangle, bringing about a huge navigational blunder and calamity.

Mystery or a myth?

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70 years after much speculation, one daring scientist declared that the mystery around the Bermuda triangle to be solved and remarked that there was no such mystery in the first place. He insisted that the disappearing objects had nothing to do with magical powers or any mysterious ability. Rather, the Australian researcher uncovered that the high number of vanishings is nothing more than a plain old human mistake in addition to awful climate and the way that loads of planes and ships enter that zone of the Atlantic Ocean in any case.


To date, no one is really sure whether any mystery around the Bermuda Triangle really exists or not. But, we now know that a few scientists believe that the mystery around the Bermuda triangle is nothing but climate changes and human error. If this is the truth or not, no one can say for sure. Each one of us has different opinions about the Bermuda Triangle. Figuring out which opinion to side with is itself a mystery.

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