12 Effective Ways To Reduce Mobile Addiction

The enhancing technology in today’s world has given us a lot of advantages. Life seems more comfortable and easy. People can do almost everything with a small, handy device known as “Mobile”. But the fact that this device has many hazards can’t be the elephant in the room.

Mobile addiction is a serious problem faced by many people worldwide. Most of the time, they are found looking on the mobile screens, and their productive energy is being wasted as a result. Also, if not controlled on time, it can cause a lot of health problems, including cancer.

12 Effective Ways To Reduce Mobile Addiction

1. Turn Off The Notifications

Mobile notifications play a significant role in distracting people from their target. As soon as a notification pops, the majority of people leave their important work just to check the phone. This can be avoided by turning off all the notifications before starting your work.

2. Meditate

Meditation can be a really powerful weapon to fight against this addiction. If done in a routine manner, you will receive enough inner peace to avoid looking at your phone unnecessarily.

It is a slow but most effective process to control addiction.

3. Take A Break For A Day

Everyone should try this interesting and effective way to control mobile addiction. We use our phone every day for hours on end. But what if we grant it a holiday every 10 to 15 days? This challenging way will increase our resiliency towards this addiction.

4. Exercise

Exercising in our free time can be very helpful for our mind and health. Also, this would result in a reduction in mobile usage. So, the next time you feel like all your work is done, just keep that phone away and start exercising.

5. No Social Apps On Main Screen

Many people suffer from “The App Trap”. They unlock their phone just to call someone or to search for something. But soon, they get distracted and are seen scrolling through their social feed, wasting all of their time and energy. To avoid this, just remove all of those addictive apps from the home screen and place them in a folder.

6. No Entry On Bed

While on the bed, many people unlock their phone just to use it for a few minutes before sleeping. But those few minutes get turned into hours in no time. Hence resulting in lack of sleep or rising late the next day. This can be avoided if you don’t use your phone when it’s bedtime. So, give a no entry to your mobile when it’s sleep time.

7. Make A Strict Schedule

To get rid of mobile addiction, you need to be really careful about your daily schedule. Ensure that mobile is not being used during work hours. Usage must be divided into small intervals of time, avoiding unnecessary scrolling.

8. Track Your Screen Time

Nowadays, the latest mobiles come with the ability to record the amount of time spent on every app used by the user. So, use this screen time function to analyze which app is used frequently and for what time and hence, improve your screen time by reducing its usage.

9. Have Proper Family Dinners

While eating, many of us watch some sort of videos on our mobiles. Instead, try having a proper family dinner with all the house members sitting and eating together. This will provide some good quality time to each family member, and your overall phone usage time will also reduce.

10. Take It Slow And Steady

Suppose you have scheduled to use your phone at 3:00 pm for an hour. Now, instead of taking your phone at 3:00 pm, take it 10-15 minutes later and leave it precisely at 4:00 pm. This will also reduce your screen time and will improve your resistance.

11. Follow “The 2 Hour” Rule

A lot of people start checking their feeds as soon as they wake up, which causes a late start for the day. So, to avoid this, make sure you don’t use that phone for at least 2 hours after waking up. In this way, all of your basic morning activities will be completed without any delays or problems.

12. Make It Productive

We use a lot of energy while scrolling through our phones. As a result, this large amount of energy just gets wasted on something fruitless. So, instead, try using your energy in enhancing your skills, reading books, playing outdoor games, and do other productive activities. This will make you progress further towards success and positivity.

Taking control over an addiction is not easy. Although the above-given ways can help immensely, you must have a lot of patience and strong will as well. Mobile is an excellent device if used wisely. So, make sure to use it within a limit and with a schedule.

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