The Effects Of Biopics Triggering Human Mind

From showing heroic moves in wrestling in Dangal to running in an electrifying speed in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, biopics have shown us some really inspiring journeys and motivated youth of our nation to do something out of the box by never giving up on dreams.

There have been few cases in the past wherein some movies of the biopic genre had triggered the human mind and people literally changed their lives by following the exact same path shown in those movies. In this article, we will understand what are the effects of biopics on the people and how they are getting affected by watching it.

Youth Getting Involved In Sports

Youth getting involved in sports
Image Source: Amar Ujala

Some of the well-known Bollywood biopics such as Mary Kom, Dangal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, and MS Dhoni have definitely inspired Indian youth to get out of their comfort zone and drag themselves towards their goal. According to a study, there has been an increase in the entries in various sports academy a few months after some of these sport-based biopics got released. Even the engagement of the audience towards this type of movie is more compared to other mainstream movies.

According to one study, the comments, likes, and shares on the pages of sports-based movies on OTT platforms are much more compared to other genres. This is simply because the youth can easily resonate with the theme as well as the journey the heroes have gone through. This genre is also well-appreciated in the film industry.

This is how motivating the effects of biopics prove to be. Indian youth have that tendency to get affected by the person who develops themselves after a lot of struggles and that’s the exact point where they feel that they are not the only ones facing such hardships. This is exactly the point where Bollywood wins the game.

Communities Getting Affected By Historical Biopics

Communities Getting Affected By Historical Biopics
Image Source: ScrollToday

Most of you would be aware that during the release of Padmavat, there were several communities that were affected by the content being showcased in that movie. Though it was solved, this proves that there are certain communities that take the content of such biopic too seriously and thus, historical biopics are likely to trigger certain regional communities.

Even during the release of Jodha Akbar, there were certain sets of people who were insisting to correct some details in the movie or else rectifying the entire scene from that film. Such is the sensitivity of a human mind. There will always be that particular set of audience who would want each and every detail of the movie to be precisely replicating the actual detail.

A Sense Of Patriotism

A Sense Of Patriotism
Image Source: Koimoi

Certain Bollywood biopics such as Neerja and URI were really successful in developing a sense of patriotism in the young blood of our nation. There were tons of articles and blogs from the young generation related to patriotism and respect for the nation immediately after the release of such movies. This proves that such content is well appreciated among the audience and even after decades of certain live-changing incidents, they have really intriguing human minds to take certain actions and appreciate the nation in the best way possible.

This type of content is also intriguing for the Indian audience to stand out for the nation by dragging towards the army domain. According to one study, there has been an increase in patriotic posts whenever a nation-specific or patriotic biopic is released and published across the multiplexes.


As Bollywood is getting successful in inspiring the youth of our nation, more interesting biopics are getting entries in the box office. It’s always better to shape our personality in a better way and getting motivated by such biopics. But even for once, if we feel that it’s getting detrimental to society, then there comes the need to stopping  it and letting our minds not to get affected by some personalities. But yes! Such is the power of Bollywood.

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