• AnimalsWays To Deal With An Aggressive Street Dog

    14 Ways To Deal With An Aggressive Street Dog

    While street dogs are often harmless, sweet, and fun to play with, there are times when we all have seen, if not faced, a street dog aggressively staring and barking at people either in real life or in a movie. So naturally, the next thought that strikes our mind after watching such a scene is, “What will I do if…

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  • Facts

    The Impact Of Natural Landscapes On Our Well-Being

    Think of a landscape that comes to your mind whenever you seek peace. Think of a place that reminds you of calmness. Think of a place that inspires you to go on a solo trip. Most of you would have immediately envisioned natural beauty as soon as you read those statements. Right? There lies a soothing, pacifying energy in those…

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  • 4 Ways to Motivation Yourself To A Happy Life

    What is Motivation? Anyone would say encouragement to do something. Exactly, motivation is defined as, “Process of stimulating people to action to accomplish goals.” Motivation is a need required especially in today’s era. To keep one going, he needs to be motivated. Needs that require satisfaction are explained as motivation. Imagine if not motivated today, a massive population would be…

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