How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Getting Things Done: 3 Tips

Procrastinating stands for the act of putting off work, delaying it or running away from it or facing it only when it is inevitable and the cycle repeats. It is considered a bad habit cultivated in every human that puts us off from completing our work on time and achieving results.

piling deadlines
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You have a deadline hovering over your head, wanting to be met with. But you keep cutting it some slack and somehow just manage to push it over like you have something better to do with your time other than getting successful in life. You are busy cultivating habits like checking your social media exactly how we keep opening the fridge despite knowing there is nothing in there. You keep yourself busy doing things like checking your mail or scrolling an online shopping website looking for something to put your money in.

We all know the concept of procrastination. We keep wasting our free time instead of finishing tasks that need to be attended to. Don’t let procrastination take away your precious time! Following are some ways, you can procrastinate procrastination:

the vicious cycle of procrastination
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1. Change The Ambiance:

work space
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Have you ever felt that a certain type of work requires a certain type of ambiance? Or you just don’t feel like doing some work at the same place you’ve been doing for a long time? Yes, because it’s boring. Everyone needs some change in their life and no one wants to work in the same closed room or cabinet for long as it is putting off your creativity!

There is a reason why people consider desk jobs as boring. But people who actually work it, have their reasons which persist them to continue. Suppose if you are a writer, you need a constant change as you need something to trigger your creativity. So you can keep changing your ambiance in order to continue working and not procrastinate.

2. Tell People What You Want To Achieve:

sharing with others
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It’s said you should shut up about your goals in order to achieve them to avoid people putting you down, telling you that you aren’t capable of achieving them hence reducing your motivation. But if you tell the right people, there are chances you may receive the right guidance or some motivation too. It is good to share short term goals on social media and you never know when you attract the right audience for it! This ends up boosting your morale, and hence you don’t have the time or energy to procrastinate.

3. Just Do It:

There is no point in hoarding your goals. You have to do them regardless of when you plan on doing it. It is good to make up a planner and jot down all your things. This helps you to sort your problems and your already achieved goals. The biggest thing you would receive by completely finishing your work would be eternal and pure happiness. This feeling beats everything else in the world.

just do it
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It’s a fact that no one achieved anything by constantly procrastinating. If you want your thing done, you got to work for it, man! So just get up and start committing to what you promised to do and finish it on time!

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