Top 10 Wedding Rings Your Partner Will Love

Are you a puzzled guy who wants to propose to your girlfriend but has no idea what type of ring she will like? Do you even know her size? Or maybe you are a girl who wants to surprise your future husband with a wedding ring he will wear proudly, remembering every second what a great person you are? Yes, these things seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, it’s only a starting point of your trepidation-the wedding itself will be much spicier! Well, what’s new on the market? What do celebrities prefer? Which style is better and will be adored by almost every woman and man out there? Here are some fly designs you want to consider when going ring shopping!

Top 10 Wedding Rings Your Partner Will Love

1. Classic ring

1. Classic ring
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If you are a traditional couple, classic rings are a must. Sure, they can appear a little dull, but this style will never be outdated. Classic rings can be thin or thick, depending on the size of a finger and the massiveness of your hand. If you are young and have thin fingers, a smaller ring will look more elegant and classy. Rings like that are usually made of rose, white, or red gold and don’t have additional bling; however, you can always engrave the most meaningful words or dates on the back side of a ring – it is very cute and thoughtful.

2. Bling rims

2.Bling rims
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If you are a workaholic in a relationship and really work for those diamonds, you can spice up a usual ring with diamond rims. These are usually small diamonds that go all the way around the ring on the top and bottom. If you want to choose a pair of identical rings, this is maybe not the best choice for a man, unless you like being boujee on a daily basis. Those rings usually are extra and go really well with long stiletto nails, but the number of small diamonds usually put them not in favor of husbands-to-be. If you really want to buy rings with bling rims, ask for an identical version, but with no or fewer diamonds (again, unless you want to).

3. Big bling ring

3. Big bling ring
Image credit: Caravaggio jewelry

If you REALLY want to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, buy them a ring with a lot of bling. The best choices are obviously diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts. But if you want to impress your better half even more, find out their birthstone or favorite stone. This would be very sweet of you. Diamonds and sapphires go well with white gold, while rubies look bomb with yellow or red gold. Remember that rose gold looks bomb with almost everything.

4. Droplet shaped stone (pear cut)

4. Droplet shaped stone (pear cut)
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This is by far the most popular and well-recognized shape that looks good in photos, is versatile as you can switch the ring to reveal a sharper and a rounded side. Just look up photos of celebrities’ wedding rings and see for yourself.

5. Square-shaped stone

5. Square-shaped stone
Image credit: Bespoke diamonds

For some reason, the rectangular shape is really popular among Instagram models and jewelers who make the best bling. Most expensive rings are square-shaped as well. It looks really good from afar, but if you decide to cop for a massive stone, it can pull on clothes and wearing it can be uncomfortable, so consider it.

6. Stackable rings

6. Stackable rings
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Although you can’t call this choice very traditional, three to five dainty pieces will look amazing on young fingers. They come in multiple colors and are highly customizable.

7. Minimalistic rings

7. Minimalistic rings
Image credit: MADANI Rings

They look good on everyone, come in different shapes and sizes. They are especially a good choice for people who like to combine rings. They can either be a statement piece or mash with other rings.

8. Twisted ring

8. Twisted ring
Image credit: Fascinating diamonds

Golden strips are usually twisted like a candy cane, and these rings look absolutely delicious!

9. Customizable rings

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They are always good because you can order a shape that you have on your mind; ask a designer to make a 3d model and even adjust the work in progress. Amazing!

10. Unusual rings

Fitting for individuals who like to be individual and unique. They can either be split, have a gap, or be a combination of vintage and modern style. If you want to know more about maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.

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