27 Local Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

The incredible street food in Kolkata is a must-try during your trip there. For all food lovers, Kolkata, which is referred to as India’s cultural capital, is a paradise. There are numerous options available in this location for everyone. The location is the ideal vacation spot for foodies, whether they enjoy the well-known Bengali sweets or the spicy, mouth-wateringly delicious dishes that can tempt anyone.

27 Local Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

1. Puchkas

These are unquestionably the best street foods in Kolkata. The Puchkas in Kolkata are incredible. This dish tops the list of Kolkata’s street food due to its incredible flavor and delectable spice mix-and-match combination.

These Puchkas are so delicious because they have the perfect ratio of stuffed potatoes, spices, chutney, pudina, pickled water, and lime. They stand out from the others thanks to their distinctively Kolkatan flavor. In Kolkata, you should not miss these. At all!

2. Churmur

This is a mix of mashed potatoes, onions, crushed Puchkas, tamarind pulp, and lots of spices.

If you don’t try this local delicacy, your trip to Kolkata will be wholly lacking. Churmur is much simpler to consume and can therefore be given to children as well.

3. Luchi, Aloo Dum

One of the dishes that many people enjoy the most in Kolkata is this one. This dish is delicious any time of day and is widely available. Simply put, Alu Dom is similar to Dum Aloo but with a Bengali touch, and Luchis are very similar to Puris. In Kolkata, you can find many small stands where you can sample this incredibly delicious dish for a reasonable price. Don’t be afraid to put on some pounds, but don’t miss out on this delectable treat in Kolkata.

4. Kathi Roll

We simply cannot miss mentioning the famous and delicious Kathi rolls. People from all over the world prefer visiting Kolkata to try these Kathi rolls. Although you can find many variations of them everywhere in Kolkata, you should not forget to try authentic Kathi rolls at some of the well-known places.

5. Aloo Kabli

Kolkata is home to the quick potato snack known as “aloo kabli.” It is one of those dishes where the main ingredient, potatoes, is presented in the best possible way. The amazing flavors of the dish come from the combination of potatoes with onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, tamarind pulp, and a ton of spices. When you want something hot and spicy, you shouldn’t skip this dish because it can satisfy your craving with the best flavor.

6. Telebhaja

This is one of the widely consumed fried snacks that are offered almost always. When craving something hot and spicy on a rainy day, this is the best option. Besan, onion rings, pumpkin, potatoes, and cornflour are some of the ingredients mixed together to make this crispy snack. There are numerous additional Telebhaja variations that you might encounter and that you absolutely must not miss. This snack is quite common in Kolkata and is, therefore, easily accessible on many streets.

7. Samosa

Samosas, also known as Shingara in Kolkata, are the ideal evening treat to enjoy with tea. This snack doesn’t need to be introduced because it is well-known throughout India. This triangular-shaped fried snack is made by stuffing mashed potatoes with a variety of spices. Although there are many different stuffing options, including mutton, chicken, and moong daal, mashed potato stuffing is incomparable. When combined with hot tea, it tastes the best.

8. Keemar Doi Bora

To put it plainly, this dish is very reminiscent of Dahi Bada but is prepared in a Kolkata manner. The Keemar Doi Boras serve Dahi Bada instead of the usual Dal Vada. Combining sweet Dahi, a dash of red chili powder, and additional spices, this meat-based Dahi Bada is prepared.

One of the most popular street foods, especially among North Indians, this dish draws a large crowd. There are many locations where you can try this dish, but for the best flavor, we advise going to the best location.

9. Chanar Jalebi

Even though it’s sometimes referred to as Kolkata’s own jalebi, it’s not your typical jalebi. It is much more flavorful and delicious than that. Everyone who enjoys sweets will enjoy them. The juiciness, chewiness, and softness of this sweet street food add to its allure. In your mind, combine jalebis and gulab jamun to get a sense of how this dish will taste. We are confident that you will be tempted to try this dish when in Kolkata.

10. Jhalmuri

This should ideally be considered your go-to snack. Making it is simple, and it might make the perfect snacking companion. Every neighborhood in the city has it, so you can easily satisfy your craving whenever you want. It consists of puffed rice, peanuts, various namkeens, onions, chilies, spices, tomatoes, and coriander that have all been thoroughly mixed together. As it uses little cooking time and no oil, it is also a healthy option for a snack.

11. Ghugni Chaat

Most locals and visitors to Kolkata enjoy this, one of the city’s most well-known street foods. One plate of this dish will sustain you for the rest of the day because it is made with only healthy ingredients. It is made by combining white and yellow peas with ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, coriander, chilies, and spices. Anytime during the day is a good time to try it.

12. Bhel Puri

Bhelpuri should unquestionably be one of your favorite foods if you enjoy street food. Bhelpuri provides you with all of this, and it does so in the best flavor imaginable. Who wouldn’t like the combination of various Muri, Papri, and not to mention a ton of spices? Various Muris, Papris, onions, potatoes, chutneys of various kinds, bhujiya, and coriander are all well-balanced components of Kolkata’s Bhelpuri. If you like your food spicy, you can add more spices. The best street food can be found here for a reasonable price.

13. Dimer Devil

One of the most popular snacks among fans of meat is the dimer devil. This one dish can fill you up for the entire day and has a fantastic taste. This fried dish is essentially a twist on Kolkata’s popular chop. The unique feature is an egg stuffed inside a standard meat chop. As a result, in this tantalizing dish, you can enjoy the flavor of the meat chop and egg together. This dish has a variety of flavors thanks to boiled egg stuffing. Unquestionably a dish to try.

14. Chop and Cutlet

When it comes to seafood options, the fish cutlets from Kolkata are the best to try. This tasty snack, which is served with a variety of spice mixtures, will make you forget about every cutlet variation you have ever tried. Tomato ketchup, spicy ketchup, and pudina ketchup are the best condiments to pair with these cutlets and chops. Chops are often referred to as the meat version of the desi cutlet because they are so similar to cutlets. These foods have a crispy exterior and hot, delicious stuffing inside.

15. Chowmein

This is a typical street food that can be easily found on every street in Kolkata. The chowmein served here in Kolkata is very comparable to that found elsewhere in the world. Or, perhaps more accurately, you could claim that it is spicier than what is typically served elsewhere. It is a filling combination of various vegetables that are blended with chutneys and chilies. The end result is certainly tantalizing and mouth-watering.

16. Schezwan Chicken

For non-vegetarians, this is yet another delight. This dish is very hot and spicy due to the well-chopped chicken that is combined with various flavors, spices, and types of chilies. Schezwan ketchup is combined with the chicken to give the dish a unique flavor and increase the level of spice. You must go to these locations in order to get the best flavors because not all places can serve you the best food.

17. Mughlai Parathas

If you enjoy delicious Mughlai cuisine, you must try Kolkata’s world-famous Mughlai Parathas. It is made with a thick, rich stuffing of well-chosen chicken or “keema,” onions, eggs, and bits of cutlets. This filling is tightly packed inside rotis that have been fried in oil. As a result, you need to monitor how many calories you are consuming.

18. Chinese Food 

In addition to being known for its regional cuisines, Kolkata also offers the best in other cuisines, including Chinese. There are numerous locations in Kolkata that can provide you with genuine Chinese flavors, despite the fact that there are not many of them. You can easily find different types of rice dumplings and soups at these restaurants, which are well-known for serving authentic Chinese flavors. Make sure to arrive early if you want to get these Chinese foods because they don’t stay in stock for long.

19. Kachori

This is a street food that you simply must try if you’re in Kolkata. You can eat this snack with tea or just have it to complement the delectable meal. Radhaballabhi, also referred to as kachori in Kolkata, is to die for. It is a hot dish with a variety of stuffing, but the most popular stuffing is mashed potatoes with various spices. If you don’t enjoy spicy food, save the amazing treat for yourself and have a sweet dish later.

20. Butter Fish Fry

The most popular city for this street food is Kolkata. This is fried and can significantly increase your calorie intake while still providing the best flavor. There are a few well-known locations where you can get the best fish fry flavors, if you don’t mind me even suggesting that.

21. Momos

You must try the momos or dumplings when sampling street food in Kolkata. These steamed or fried buns can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just as a snack. They come stuffed with vegetables, chicken, pork, and fish.

22. Doodh Cola

This distinctively Kolkata beverage is made by combining milk with aerated soft drinks or colas. Most famously offered at Balwant Singh’s Eating House in Bhawanipur, this creamy beverage is served chilled with ice in tiny clay cups.

23. Mutton Kosha

We all eat mutton, but Kolkata’s mutton kosha is particularly well known. If you visit Kolkata, you must visit the 200-year-old Golbari Restaurant in Shyambazar and try the mutton kosha there.

24. Flavor Soda

Lassi isn’t the only drink that is sold in Kolkata; soda is also a popular option. Since the locals here enjoy drinking soda, you must see numerous soda stalls all over Kolkata. It comes in various flavors, including lemon, mango, orange, fruit beer, and many others. It will give your body energy in the sweltering heat.

25. Aalu Kata

Aalu kata is similar to aalu-kachalu, which is best known in other states of India. People enjoy eating it as an evening snack despite the fact that it is a little sour to consume. The ingredients are boiled potatoes and a variety of spices.

26. Chanar Payesh, Rasmalai

The best street food in Esplanade Kolkata is chanar payesh and rasmalai, which are typically made with milk and served with dry foods. Although rasgulla is Kolkata’s most well-known sweet, there are many other types of sweets available besides it.

27. King Chamcham

It can be found in various Indian states, but the taste of Lord in West Bengal is unique. I strongly advise you to try it here at least once; you will be enthralled. And the price per piece is very low at just 10 rupees!


Through this article, you will get to know the top 27 local street foods to try in Kolkata. If you’re planning to visit Kolkata, then try these amazing and delicious street foods. Thank you!

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