20 Inspiring Movies That will lift you up

There are times when we feel low and our will to continue dries out. It is common for the ones who work really hard to achieve their goals. Also, its solution is quite simple as well. All you need to do is think about the reason behind taking the first step towards success. Or, some other ways include reading an inspirational novel and watching motivational movies.

Films and movies can be considered a great way to refresh and get pumped with motivation. They include energizing background music and adrenaline-pumping moments. Also, the acting skills of the protagonist provide a realistic touch to the movie. There are many movies that make us learn the importance of hustling and pushing through the pain.

20 Inspiring Movies That will lift you up

1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The film is based on the life of ‘The Flying Sikh’ namely Milkha Singh. At a very young age, he lost his entire family in the Muslim-Sikh riots. Despite such a major downfall, he refused to give up and worked really hard to become one of the best athletic runners. He also made his own world records in several races. So, the film covers all the hardships Milkha had to face on his journey to becoming a legend.

2. The Secret

A one-hour documentary that explains the reason and the benefits of thinking positively in every situation of life. Although it is not a film, the explanations and examples make it worth watching to get some motivation.

3. Pursuit Of Happyness

Yes, it is ‘Happyness’ with the letter ‘Y’. Will Smith being the lead role suffers due to lack of money and his irregular sources of income. Not being able to pay the house rent, he roams homeless with his young son. We can see him work hard to become a money-making broker by the end of the movie. Overall, the story shows that education and hard work can defeat the biggest problems of life.

4. Soorma

This movie covers the struggling journey of the famous hockey player ‘Sandeep Singh’ who becomes paralyzed below his waist. This happens due to an accidental firearm discharge by a police officer. But, as we all know, where there is a will, there is a way. So, he tries as hard as possible to recover from the circumstances. His strong will allows him to break free from the immobile position to enter the hockey field again.

5. Lakshya

We all must have gone through a period in our life when a serious career-related decision was to be made and the only question that came to our mind was, “What Am I Supposed to Do Now?”. This movie too is set on the same theme. Hritik Roshan being the lead role struggles to discover his ‘lakshya’ (target) in life. Throughout the movie, he finds it hard to search about his goals but by the end, he becomes clear about it.  

6. The Karate Kid

A kid who immigrates to China gets in a brawl with the karate expert school bullies. They beat him hard to misuse their karate training. Moreover, as an add-on, their master challenges him in a tournament. The kid with zero karate experience learns and trains hard under his very humble and strict master’s guidance to win the tournament. The movie tells us that nothing is too hard to learn if you have the courage and determination. 

7. Dangal

This movie delivers an inspirational message regarding women’s empowerment. A reputable wrestler who has been a national champion is unable to compete for international championships. He then thinks that his soon-expected son will achieve his incomplete, precious dream. But he receives a female as his child and now, he has four daughters in his home. It takes him a while to realize that females too can be wrestlers. So, he starts to train them and the hard work pays off with an international gold medal.

8. Chak De! India

A film that is dedicated to sportsmanship and unity. The women’s hockey team in this film has members from different parts of India. So now, the coach has to put in a lot of effort to unite them together as one ‘India’. They work hard with full energy to win gold in the international tournament.

9. Neerja

This is a movie based on a real-life story. An air hostess named Neerja is suddenly stuck in a plane hijack situation with a lot of passengers. Throughout the movie, she is seen struggling yet being brave. At the right time, she opens the plane doors to evacuate the passengers safely. But unfortunately, she sacrifices herself to save innocent children who were about to be shot.  

10. Manjhi: The Mountain Man

This too is a movie based on real life. Dashrath Manjhi used to live in a backward village where to fetch water, one had to climb across the ‘Mammoth peak’. One day, unfortunately, his pregnant wife died while trying to cross this mountain. Manjhi then out of rage and furiousness, started cutting a path right through the middle of the peak and that too all alone! It took him several years and also, he had to face a lot of comments like – “mad and mentally retarded”. But he didn’t give up on his decision and finally, made a path cutting right through the middle of this huge mountain. 

11. English Vinglish

A middle-aged woman who’s a housewife and a caterer with two kids gets mocked in her family for not being able to read or speak English. As a result, she loses her self-confidence. But as we all know that it is never too late to learn or start something. So, she secretly joins English-speaking classes. Later on, she starts speaking English more fluently.

12. Pad Man

A highly motivational and impressive film that delivers a lesson about a woman’s menstrual health. ‘Laxmikant’ i.e., the protagonist, decides to make affordable and hygienic pads after he sees his wife using unhygienic cloth which can cause dangerous diseases.

In this process, almost everyone from his family and surroundings goes against him for what he does. But he doesn’t give up on his dreams and makes the best and cheap pads for women. As a result, his family finally understands the importance of what he did.  

13. Secret Superstar

The movie portrays the story of a teenage girl who is a good singer but the only trouble is her rude and violent dad who assaults his mother regularly. He fixes his daughter’s wedding is a young age and doesn’t allow her to sing or play guitar.

So, she starts to sing secretly on ‘Youtube’ with millions of likes in response. And by the end of the movie, she becomes very popular with her dad not being a problem anymore. The movie represents that if you are determined to achieve your dream, no one can ever stop you.

14. Lagaan

The film delivers the message that we shouldn’t give up fighting for our rights because of the mid-way problems. The movie is set in the old British era where a small village and its agricultural land are imposed a heavy tax. The villagers try to oppose but are stuck in a cricket challenge with their land at stake.

Although with zero cricket experience, they learn the basic rules and the correct way to play in a short period of time. In a match full of suspense and twists, they win against the Britishers. 

15. Taare Zameen Par

Not everyone has the ability to perform common daily activities like reading or writing. Ishaan, in this movie, is one such person. He suffers from dyslexia but his parents are unable to notice his problem. They think he is being mischievous. As a result, they send him to a boarding school. Ishaan meets an art teacher who used to have the same problem in his childhood as he has. The teacher then helps Ishaan to overcome his problem.

16. Angrezi Medium

Parents can do anything to make their child’s dreams come true. In this movie, the protagonist has a daughter who wishes to study in London. Although he doesn’t have the money he manages to send his daughter to London and he sells his business to pay the expensive fees. But there, she starts to demand privacy ignoring all the hardships and sacrifices of her father, and tells him not to meet without her permission. At last, she realizes her fault and apologies to her father. 

17. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

The movie is based on the life of the all-time famous cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It portrays all the hardships he faced and the immense struggle he did to be what he is today. It is a must-watch for all those who want to pursue their big dreams in life.  

18. Super 30

The film is based on the famous teacher ‘Anand Kumar’, who decided to teach IIT coaching to the children who were really poor and couldn’t afford to pay professional institution fees. He took the initiative to teach 30 such students. But, being poor himself, he faced many difficulties in buying the food, books, and other essentials for these children. However, these children worked hard and fortunately, all 30 of them cleared the exam. 

19. Hichki

This movie tells us that no disease is too big to stop us from achieving our goals. ‘Naina Mathur’, the film’s lead role, suffers from ‘Tourette syndrome’ and wants to be a teacher. After many rejections due to her disease, she finally becomes a teacher and is asked to teach some students from the backward caste who are not interested in studying at all. They are considered the poorest performers and the most mischievous class amongst all other sections. But after some time to adjust with them, she manages to make them study and pass the exam efficiently.  

20. I Am Kalam

A child named ‘Chotu’ is smart and intelligent with great capturing skills. But he belongs to a poor family who can’t afford to make him study. He works in a ‘Dhaba’ and is highly inspired by the former president  ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’. So, this movie shows how he studies on his own to be what he wants. It delivers a great message that where there is a will, there is a way.  


We can watch these movies at any time and at any place. So, there is no point in interrupting the work hours to motivate us with some films and documentaries. Such activity will only be considered fake motivation because wasting your work hours to ‘motivate’ yourself will only reduce your production and output rate. Therefore, it is recommended to complete your daily goal activities first and then go to the movies in your free time.

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