Social Media Addiction and its Effects

Can you imagine your world revolving around something so addictive that you cannot put it down? And you won’t put it down even if you could, and that my friend, is considered as an addiction. And who in today’s world is not addicted to social media? Some consider it to spice up their life so as to not get bored of reality. Some worship God and most worship the people they fancy on social media. Everything is fine until you live your life for someone else because in that case, you’re definitely not fine.

Social media constitutes applications and websites that enable users from all over the world to share their content and participate in social networking. Be it any sort of content, text or audio or video or even photographs. This form of communication comprises and is the lifeline of social media.

This includes media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. Social media binds this world and its people into one virtually. We are all interconnected and all our data, and lives are out in the open, accessible to anyone interested in knowing it. It is also true that we can’t live without these apps. It’s practically impossible in today’s world. If you don’t use any social media, you’re either Amish or just live under a rock – which is something I aspire to do considering the ill effects social media has had on my mind.

Sometimes, as people, we are so conceited(be it positively or negativity) that we just don’t focus on what we are really supposed to be doing rather than living a life for others or just to show it off. Not sabotaging your self-esteem, it’s good to have social media as the internet is one of the biggest inventions of mankind. But imagine just not living for yourself.

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What it does to you:

Social media has the power to ruin a lot of things in your life. It ain’t as bad as alcohol, it is compulsive, sure but not something you can’t get rid of. It can cause depression, as I said earlier. In order to please everyone, you do things that you believe will be a pleasure to everyone except you. In that case my friend, there are chances you are going to end depressed.


In the worst-case scenario, imagine you have no real-life friends (if you don’t, I’m sorry). So you start making friends on the internet and that somehow goes very well for you (congrats) but you decide to meet this friend one day and realize that this person is just like everyone else and not anything like what they were when they were texting you. Now you are disappointed, you don’t have any friends again and you start feeling that you don’t deserve any love. But that’s not true, you just haven’t found your tribe yet and that’s okay, you will one day. This has happened to a lot of people before, and this is ‘social media pressure’. You need to let these unrealistic expectations wear off.

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I’m assuming, considering I like sleeping so does everyone else. Imagine someone or something taking that precious time away. Social media does that and it affects your creativity and productivity. Sad, I know.

Should you get completely rid of it?

Nope! not if you think you are not having ill effects of it on you. It is entirely up to you. Social media is not all that bad as it seems, although it is addictive, people make a living off of it. It is you who decides whether there is more harm or help for you in it! And it is necessary to do a little bit of a social media detox once in a while, consider it as self-help!

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