The Legend Of The Phoenix- Is It All Just Folklore?

Phoenix is a bird that is said to come alive rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some say they die in a show of flames, combusting themselves. But some claim they just die and the body decomposes before they come alive again. It is said that phoenixes are real birds but extremely rare, most probably found in the most obscure places on the planet!

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This bird is said to be related to Greek mythology. We have seen and read about mythical creatures in books and have imagined what they are like, but sources claim that these birds can be seen in real life as well. Many have recorded the presence and existence of this beauty, getting to know a lot about their mysterious existence and it is definitely a sight to behold and something to know about.

It is said that the bird is immortal as it rises from its own ashes. Although this bird has a different name in every other part of this world, it’s original name comes from Greek. It is said that the bird in ancient times looked red, like blood. Hence the name phoenix is related to the Greek word ‘phoinos’ which means blood red. It is said that the bird had feathers in red and gold, and looked like fire in the shape of a bird, with its lifespan being thousands of years and they don’t lay eggs, hence, no young ones.

The reason why so many people want to see a phoenix is that these birds are considered to be lucky and bring success! Some people believe that these birds are like the Philippines eagles and people from all the world come to see these rare sightings. The hot springs and geysers say to be giving life to phoenix legends.

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Some still claim it to be a myth as they were sighted years and years ago. Although the Bible mentions phoenix and unicorns, the latter may never have looked like how we have described it now, hence making them mythical.

Phoenixes are considered to be delicate creatures who wouldn’t harm anyone. Whenever they build their nests, they are said to build it over water bodies like rivers and lakes, next to wells. It is mentioned in Harry Potter books that this bird’s tears can heal wounds on a body easily. As humans, we are fully and vitally capable of cooking up concocted stories such as the existence of a phoenix legend, it could even be the misinterpretation of a real-life, natural event.

phoenix in Harry Potter
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Sometimes we lose things in our life that are very near and dear to us, leaving us alone with a sense of emptiness but somehow we put up a strong front and fight these demons inside us, coming back and rising from the ashes just like a phoenix does! Hence we all have a phoenix inside us. Some say this is just a way we makeup and visualize rebirth, life, and death, and relating it to a phoenix.

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