13 Ways To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Early rising is a great practice that has a humongous amount of benefits. In fact, it is considered the first step towards success. But many people struggle to wake up early and leave bed late after dawn.

13 Ways To Wake Up Early In The Morning

1. Sleep Early

The first and the most important of all to ensure you wake up early is that you need to hit the bed earlier than you used to before. Our body demands a minimum of 6 hours of sleep, and that is why sleeping early will ensure good health.

2. The Sunlight

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the sunlight itself wakes you up? Just sleep with those curtains undrawn, and as soon as the sun comes up, its rays will brighten the room, and you will find yourself awake. Such a positive way to start a new day!

3. The Water Alarm

Drink plenty (not excessive) of water before sleeping. The following day you will feel the urge to use the restroom, and no matter how sleepy you feel, you will have to leave that comfortable bed and wake up early. A unique way to wake up early! Isn’t it?

4. The Night Curfew

One hour before bedtime, all the phones, laptops, and other such devices should be kept away. The time starts flying as you start using them, and the sleep schedule gets compromised. As a result, the next morning, you find yourself lying on the bed late with regret.

5. Alarm Makes You Walk

After setting the alarm, place it far away from the bed before sleeping. In this way, you will have to leave the bed to turn it off. Once you leave the bed, start with your daily routines, and you will find that you are no more feeling sleepy.

6. The Countdown

As the alarm starts ringing, many people find it difficult to leave the bed and fall asleep again. To avoid this, the next time alarm starts ringing, just do a slow countdown from 5 to 1 and leave the bed quickly. It is an interesting trick to leave that comfortable bed in the morning.

7. Keep It Light

It is interesting to know that what we eat at night has a direct impact on our sleep. The heavier we eat, the lazier we feel in the morning, and the lighter we eat, the easier it is to wake up early the next day. So, one should eat light before sleeping.

8. What’s Next?

One of the most effective ways to wake up early is to make a list of all the important tasks to be done the next day. In this way, your brain will be alert and aware of the work to be done, and this will incredibly increase your chances of waking up early and that too before the alarm starts ringing!

9. No Excuses!

Does your brain, too, make those procrastinating thoughts that you are not fully awake? Well, almost everyone has this issue and the only way to deal with it is to fight and overcome these thoughts. The more often you do that, the more easier it will become to wake up early.

10. The Music Alarm

Everyone has at least one song that makes them feel positive and motivated. Try using that song as your alarm tone, and you will get a major boost in confidence at the very start of your day. In no time, you will find yourself out of that bed.

11. Wash Your Face

As soon as the alarm starts ringing, just get up and wash your face. It will make you feel fresh and fully awake. Brushing your teeth as well would be a great add-on.

(Don’t use too cold water as it might make you feel dizzy.)

12. Say No To Snoozing

Snoozing is one of the major barriers in early rising. Many people suffer the “Snoozing Effect” as they keep on snoozing that alarm again and again, even for hours. So, once that alarm starts ringing, no matter how sleepy you feel, don’t press that snooze button.

13. No Caffeine Before Sleep

Caffeine kills the urge to sleep as it provides a tremendous amount of energy to your body. After its consumption, sleeping becomes much more difficult, and you struggle to nod off. So don’t drink caffeine-containing energy drinks at night.

To wake up early, you need a lot of dedication and strong will. In the beginning, it might be challenging to leave that bed as soon as the alarm goes off. But if practiced on a regular basis, it will be a piece of cake, and you will enjoy a healthy and fresh morning with lots of time to enhance your skills every day.

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