10 Eco-Friendly Brands Available In India

We never realize or think about how much a certain brand can impact mother nature. These Eco-Friendly brands are not just a trend but something that we should all believe in.

10 Eco-Friendly Brands Available In India That Everyone Must Try

1. Doodlage

Source- Behance

Doodlage is a brand that upcycles factory waste and recycles post-consumer waste. They convert this waste into unique accessories, soft furnishing products, and paper. All the upcycling work is done with a team of amazing artisans who work in ethical production units around the country. The packaging of the product is also designed to be plastic-free. In addition, customers can buy gift cards for their friends and family members.

2. Green-O-Tech  

Source- Amazon.in

Green-O-Tech manufactures and trades a high-quality range of recycling paper notebooks. All their eco-friendly books are lightweight, low cost, and 100 % chlorine and acid-free. They are biodegradable and have a strong binding that makes them durable too. The brand also takes orders for customizable products.

3. Ubyld

Source- The Better India

Ubyld means “you build.” It is a Bangalore-based sustainable furniture company. The brand has an immense range of furniture and wardrobes for the living room, bedroom, puja room, bathroom, office, and kitchen. They also provide DIY kits for furniture that you can build yourself at home. Ubyld does not cut any trees for their furniture. All the furniture and wardrobes are handcrafted by craftsmen from Himalayan villages who specialize in wood crafting.

4. Lake Peace

Source- LBB

Lake Peace is a PETA-approved Vegan and a Made in India brand. The brand has unique, timeless pieces that are sustainable and easy to wear. The clothes are made up of organic cotton that is free from nasty chemicals and harmful insecticides. The brand also releases very limited seasonal collections as they believe in slow fashion. Also, 5 % of all the website sales are donated to animal welfare campaigns across India.

5. Paper Shaper

Source- Amazon.in

Paper Shaper is an eco-friendly brand that makes lightweight and easy to assemble furniture. Paper Shaper works with corrugated boards and creates durable furniture and household fixtures. They make tables, chairs, tube racks, shelves, storage boxes, folders, and more. The brand makes high-quality, durable products that will last for a long time. Their products need zero maintenance like polishing and varnishing, and they are economical compared to wooden furniture. The designs of their products are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for rented residents, offices, and hostels.

6. Kaiyare  

Source- Kaiyare

The meaning of Kaiyare in Kannada is handmade. Kaiyare has a range of fashion accessories and clothes that are made with love by women artisans from villages around Madhya Pradesh, Andra Pradesh, and Karnataka. The brand uses agricultural waste, like banana tree bark to make baskets, bags, and other home accessories. To achieve zero waste the brand uses waste from tailoring units as their fabric lining.

7. Aranyani

Source- June6studio

Arayani is based in Bangalore and takes its inspiration from the India Kirana as well as the ateliers of Europe. The artisans of Arayani get an enriching and inspiring environment to collaborate and create. The brand offers leather bags with embroidery and stone motifs. Aryani aims to be a zero-waste brand by the year 2025. They also monitor and make conscious efforts to reduce the carbon footprint every month.

8. Real State

Real State is a Mumbai-based brand that upcycles waste marble from construction sites into pieces of statement jewellery strung onto gold plated chains. The jewellery is shipped in upcycled handmade fabric pooches. The brand is carbon-neutral and sustainable too.

9. Lovebirds

Source- Pinterest

Lovebirds is a brand that is based in Delhi and 90 % of their material is locally sourced. However, the brand does have its boutiques stores in the Middle East, Japan, India, Italy, and Russia. The brand repurposes waste used in the production process to make masks, cross body bags, and a new handwoven upcycles fabric. They also provide for repair and alteration services to keep closed in use for a longer period.

10. Zola

Source- LBB

Zola is a brand that allows folk and rural artist to express themselves through unique wearable art. The brand has worked with over 300 artisans across India and has conducted 20 design intervention workshops across rural India. The brand has different collections like the Bidri collection, Kerala Mural Art collection, Dhokra collection, and more.

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