Desserts That Are As Instagrammable As They Are Sweet!

Most of us, or in fact all of us have a sweet tooth when it comes to desserts, don’t we? And why won’t one be mesmerized by the gorgeous and tempting delicacies offered to mankind in diverse ways, right?

Devouring desserts has always been in our blood, and even if you don’t have that soft spot in your heart, it won’t make you any less than the others because a little nibble of cake will never get you out of your style or shape.

If you are a picky eater, you will always have a variety of desserts to choose from. But apart from the regular, there are few unusual desserts which will fool your eyes and make you gape at them for a little longer.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube
Image credit: Cedric Grolet/Instagram

Yes, you read it right, a Rubik’s cube and that too an edible one. This beautiful piece of art is made of 27 individual pastries worth every penny. And let’s be real, wouldn’t it be easy to devour a Rubik’s cube than to solve one?

The Fun-guy

Image credit: Amaury Guichon/Instagram

If you are wandering in the woods, it is obvious that you will stumble upon some mushrooms which are likely to be poisonous. But this dessert fungi is safe for devouring and has a crunchy almond base, with strawberry or cranberry jelly, soft strawberry cream and a smooth vanilla mousse.

Tangy Tangerine

Tangy Tangerine
Image credit: Cedric Grolet/Instagram

How about an orange full of whipped cream and a decadent citrus center? Sounds tempting right? Of course, it does and how can one say no to this delectable dessert even if it makes you lack a little bit of vitamin C?

Tropical Treat

Tropical Treat
Image credit: Amaury Guichon/Instagram

Instead of sipping a Piña colada, how about eating one? Sounds cool, just like the cocktail no? Of course, it does when you have a delicious pineapple, mango, vanilla and Malibu compote center, lime baba soaked in passion fruit and rum along with a smooth coconut and vanilla cream.

The Ringed Planet

The Ringed Planet
Image credit: Amaury Guichon/Instagram

Remember when Yashoda Ma saw the universe in Lord Krishna’s mouth? Well today with a blueberry cheesecake composed with lemon cheesecake mousse, marbled with blueberry pastry cream, blueberry compote and oat crunch, you can too enjoy a little universe in your mouth.

Instagram Egg

Image credit: Amaury Guichon/Instagram

Scrambled eggs or Cadbury eggs? If you take option two, I’d say that you have made an eggcellent choice. Because a smooth coconut mousse, creamy passion fruit cremeux, fresh mango compote yolk, spongy almond financier presented on a gold nest is way better than an egg sprinkled with salt, pepper and chives right?

So which of the above desserts will you devour?

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