UDDHAB BHARALI: Here Is The Man Behind More Than 118 Inventions

Uddhab Bharali, born on 7 April 1962 is an Indian inventor from Assam. He was always made to stand out of the class for asking difficult questions to the teacher in mathematics. He was double promoted twice, from class I to III, and again class VI to VIII because of his high intelligence level.

  • In 1988 Mr. Uddhab Bharali started a business of polythene making, due to his poor financial conditions.
  • His talent and innovations came to public knowledge for the very first time in 1995 through a famous story-writer, novelist, river engineer and eco-technocrat Arnab Jan Deka who wrote an article about him in Dainik Assam newspaper.
  • In a few months, the same writer wrote about Mr. Uddhab Bharali in an English newspaper.
  • On July 5, 2012, Bharali entered into an online voting competition for the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal for his design of a benchtop pomegranate de-seeder.
  • Bharali has an informal degree in Homeopathy.

Major Inventions and Discoveries

  • Pomegranate de-seeding device- which can separate the outer hard skin from the inner thin membrane without any damage to the seed, easily deseeding around 55 kgs of pomegranates per hour. This machine was also exported to Turkey & U.S.
  • Peeling Cassava
  • Cement Brickmaking
  • Manual paddy transplanting device
  • Mini CTC plant
  • Several other types of equipment to simplify daily chores.
  • Total of 118 innovations

His Dream

He has 2 dreams, one to set up an unconventional orphanage in his hometown which will produce technical experts. Second to have an industrial village with multi-specialty skill development center and a common facility where each person can bring in raw materials and get the intermediate product as per their requirement.


He is the holder of numerous accolades:

  • Shristi Samman Award, 2007
  • President’s Grassroots Innovation Award, 2009
  • NASA Tech Create the Future Design Contest (2012, 2013)
  • Rashtriya Ekta Samman, 2013
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Uddhab Bharali has helped many physically challenged persons, with the help of his inventions. He has contributed a lot towards the society.

Innovation should not be to introduce new things but to discover a new and better way of doing things to improve performance.

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