Top 3 Things to Look for When Buying Lashes

When you’re looking to up your beauty game and add an extra dash of glamour to your look, false eyelashes are becoming everyone’s go-to accessory! Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or just aiming for a subtle lash lift, it’s essential to get the perfect pair that brings out YOUR best. We’ve all been there, standing bewildered in front of those overwhelming shelves full of different lashes – what do we even choose? Not to worry; in this blog post, we’ll dive deep into what YOU should be on the lookout for when shopping for Lashes by RK, your trusted Australian lash supplier – trust us, after this guide you won’t feel like a lost puppy anymore!

Material and Quality

Material and quality go hand-in-hand – you cannot have one without the other. An impressively constructed low-grade product won’t cut it; conversely, higher quality raw materials that are put together poorly don’t do anyone any good. That’s why striking a balance between high caliber materials and skilled craftsmanship is essential for success.

The ‘quality-level’ of false eyelashes is a decisive factor in regards to both comfort and appearance. Synthetic fibers, human hair, and mink fur are the most common ingredients utilized in their making. Forced to choose between price and aesthetics? Synthetic lashes deliver a variety of visuals while being more pocket-friendly. On the other hand, should you go for an even subtler look, opt for human hair ones as they provide a natural blend with your own lashes! But if luxury’s what you want – go for mink fur because it’s super soft and lightweight….giving your eyes an extra bit of indulgence!

Style and Design

Style and design are critical elements to any quality product—they can make or break your end creation. From the colors you choose to the materials used, it’s essential to establish a signature look that will truly stand out. Additionally, venturing into new fashion trends while still maintaining a unique twist is key. There’s no doubt that stylishness plays an important role in popularity, so give your product some serious personality!

When selecting false lashes, it’s important to find the perfect style that fits both your eye shape and desired makeup look. Whether you’re going for a subtle, natural vibe or a full-on glam effect, there’s surely an option out there for you! Keep in mind the impact that you want to create – from flirty and feathery to outrageous and voluminous – before deciding on the ideal pair.

Application Method

Looking for your daily go-to lashes? Natural lashes are perfect for you! They provide just the right amount of length and volume without being too over the top. Seamlessly blending with your own real lashes, they will give you a beautiful enhanced flutter that is sure to make heads turn! Wowza!

Wanna make a statement? Go for some dramatic lashes! If you’re heading out somewhere special, these are the perfect choice for getting that head-turning, glamorous look. Whether it’s your next hot date night or an extra special occasion – lashes with extra volume, length and thickness will have all eyes on you!

How to apply? It’s simple! Just follow the steps below and you’ll be a shoo-in for the position. Let’s get started!

Considering practicality is key when buying false lashes! If you’re a faux-lash rookie, pick ones with an application method that doesn’t require too much energy. Some are designed with a flexible band for extra comfort and ease; others come with an adhesive strip or need lash glue. So choose the one that best suits your skill level—you’ll thank yourself later!


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