Who Resides Within The Walls Of The Most Haunted Bhangarh Fort?

You’re walking through the ruins of an ancient fort. You gently run your fingers on the vulnerable walls wondering what it would be like to live here. The royalty, the respect, the VIP treatment everywhere you go. But suddenly, as you’re lost in your wonderland, you hear a shrill cry. You look towards the source of the voice but don’t seem to find anyone there. And that’s when your tour guide reads the expression on your face and smirks at you saying, “Welcome to Bhangarh Fort, Sir!”

The Bhangarh Fort, just like many others, served as a residence to kings and their families along with other royalty. This fort is familiar as the most haunted place in India. Due to which, a lot of people include this place in their itinerary whenever they visit Rajasthan. While people still refuse to admit to the existence of spirits in the fort, the paranormal experiences shared by numerous tourists state otherwise.

Legend has it that the princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati, had captured the hearts of numerous men with her alluring looks. One among them named Singhia, who also practiced black magic, fell irrevocably in love with her. And as any other cliché story goes, the princess disagreed when he asked her hand for marriage.

One fine day when the Princess was out with her friends buying scent, Singhia followed her. He replaced the scent in the bottle with a love potion that would ensnare the princess and make her fall in love with him. But the Princess figured out his plan and threw the bottle on a boulder in a fit of rage causing it to break. As per the magic that was supposed to happen, the boulder kept rolling towards Singhia and crushed him to death. Before breathing his last, Singhia cursed the city of Bhangarh to death. And inevitably after his death, there were no births in the city. Also, the Mughals attacked Bhangarh shortly after the curse and everyone including the Princess were killed in the battle.

Another legend says that there was a saint named Guru Balu Nath living in the vicinity of Bhangarh. He had clearly expressed his intolerance for any house that would be built taller than his own. And this was because he did not want the shadow of any house in the city to fall on his house. Unfortunately, the shadow of the newly built King’s palace fell on his abode. This infuriated the saint and Bhangarh metamorphosed into a cursed city thereafter. All the structures were transformed into mere remnants and new ones wouldn’t survive in the city. Only the saint’s tomb is still intact in Bhangarh while everything else is just rubble.

It is said that the saint still resides in his tomb to this day, meditating, and detests people visiting Bhangarh. On the other hand, locals also believe that the Princess had never left the fort and intends to stay for as long as it takes to free the city from the curse. Paranormal experts who visited the fort claimed that they heard women screaming and crying along with things falling and breaking. Another theory suggests that the sounds heard inside the fort are caused by the people who lived in Bhangarh before the battle. Apparently, their spirits still dwell in the fort and would retire only after they have avenged their untimely deaths.

The Archaeological Survey of India has forbidden people to enter the fort at night. It is believed that anyone who steps foot in the fort after the sun sets never returns back. Now would you be bold enough to discover the truth behind these legends yourself? Or would you flee for your life once the eerie feeling hits you with amplified force once you’re there?

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