Some Amazing Facts About VODKA!

Vodka is a high alcohol spirit made by distilling fermented grains, like rye and wheat, or sometimes even potatoes. Known since the 8th century, it has now become one of the most popular spirits, especially in countries of Northern and Eastern Europe.

Talking about how vodka was invented, Vodka was prepared by distillation of fermented potatoes or grains, though, at present, you can also find flavoured vodkas which contain sugar or fruits.

Water and ethanol are the significant components of this distilled beverage and that can be the reason why this drink is colourless.

Vodka is derived from a Slavic word ‘voda’, which means ‘water’. This kind of drink was originated in Poland. Usually, vodka is consumed chilled and neat (without water, ice or mixers), but, it can itself be an ideal mixer for cocktails.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating facts about vodka.

1. Vodka and Whisky both are termed as ‘water’

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The word ‘Vodka’ was derived from the Slavic word ‘voda’ and the term Whisky was derived from the Gaelic word ‘uisce or uisge’, both of the words translate to ‘water’ in English.

2. Vodka is the Purest Drink

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As mentioned earlier, vodka is made through distillation of water, ethanol and fermented grains or potatoes. It proves that it is one of the purest drinks available on this planet. Why so? That’s because it is carbon filtered and contains a very little amount of fusel oils as compared to the other alcoholic drinks.

3. Vodka comes with an expiry date

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Yes, it’s true that vodka has an expiration date. So yeah, this proves the point that vodka is not something which gets better with age. It does have an expiry date after which it shouldn’t be consumed.

So, you better consume that vodka bottle within 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

4. Vodka can be used for multiple purposes

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You can also make use of vodka as a deodorizer, cleanser, insect repellent, dandruff remedy as well as an aftershave.

5. Vodka comes in a lot of flavours

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As you all know vodka also comes in fruit flavours and it also comes in a variety of other strange flavours like iced cake, bacon, big dill, buttered popcorn, smoked salmon, redfish, etc.

6. Gluten-free vodka

You must know the fact that vodka is made with grains which contain gluten, but there are certain brands like ‘Blue Ice’ and ‘Bombora’, which manufacture gluten-free vodka which is quite not familiar. And, if you are allergic to gluten, you don’t have to avoid vodka anymore!

7. Vodka can be really expensive

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The most expensive and highest quality vodka in the world is the ‘Billionaire Vodka’ which costs around 3.7 Million US dollars. Such Royal stuff!

8. The most popular brand of vodka was initiated by a Russian peasant 

Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, who was once a peasant, invented the top-selling vodka brand called ‘Smirnoff’ and later became one of the wealthiest men in Russia.

9. Vodka is low in calories

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A shot of vodka contains approximately 90 calories. Hence, it can be an ideal alcoholic beverage for you if you want to lose some weight while you’re drinking.

10. There is a vodka museum in Russia

If you ever visit Russia, you must see the ‘Museum of Russian Vodka’ once. There you can find several varieties of vodka along with their history and other details.

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