8 Amazing Heart Shaped Places around the World

Who says planet Earth doesn’t know how to be romantic? Besides giving us perfect beaches, sunsets and flowery meadows, Mother Nature also gifted us with heart-shaped formations all over the globe. Some may be out of reach but they are far from being out of sight and many proposals happened on the planes or helicopter over these astounding places. If you want to impress your partner or simply yourself, here are 8 amazing heart-shaped places around the world.

1.Hike to the Lough Ouler

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Lough Ouler in Ireland is a magnificent natural beauty that is well worth the trouble to get there. Basically, you have to hike one of the highest mountains in Ireland in order to reach it, which is not an easy task. The lake is cozily situated in the center of the Wicklow hills beneath the Tonelagee Mountain and it dates back to the Ice Age. A small stream flows out of the Lough Ouler and into the Glenmacnass River through numerous moraines. With an amazing view of the gorgeous Irish landscapes, this heart-shaped lake is a perfect place to rest from a long hike. 

2.Kayak to the Isla Corazón

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Isla Corazón or the Heart Island in Argentinian Patagonia is part of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The island is located in the middle of Mascardi Lake and is an ideal place to fish and kayak. With only 14 miles in length, the island a favorite resting point for kayakers, but it’s not exclusively reserved for them. Surrounded by mountains and dense forests, Isla Corazón is one of the most iconic landmarks of the Bariloche region where people come to take a break from their busy lives.

3.Visit the Heart of Rio

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Referred by many as the Heart of Rio, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is considered a recreational area although not recommended for swimming being so close to the city. You can ride a bike around this heart-shaped lagoon or climb above to photograph it whole and overlook this part of the Rio de Janeiro. The most popular activity in the lagoon is rowing and you can easily rent a boat from one of the many boathouses. Besides the Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is one of the most popular landmarks in this Brazilian metropolis. 

4.Surf by the Tavarua Island

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Tavarua is an island resort in Fiji where surfers from all around the planet come to ride the waves. It’s only fitting after all since here you will find Cloudbreak, one of the most famous surfing breaks in the world. However, since Tavarua is surrounded by a coral reef and very close to the main Fijian island of Vita Levu, this is also a spot often visited by tourists who want to dive, fish, kayak and snorkel. This 24-acre island may be a world-class surfing spot, but it also has unique flora and fauna like a banded sea snake. 

5.Fly over the Heart Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia is one of the most famous places on Earth and many tourists come here to dive and see diverse marine life. However, one of its main attractions is best observed from above. Namely, visitors take private jets for hire from Brisbane to Whitsunday Islands and fly over the Heart Reef since its otherwise inaccessible due to is protected status. This heart-shaped composition of coral is considered as the most photographed spot of the Great Barrier Reef and probably the whole area as well.

6.Picturesque journey to Lake Antrona

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Italy already enjoys its reputation as one of the most romantic countries in the world, but it has places that are the epitome of romance. One of those is a heart-shaped Lake Antrona in Piedmont and it’s surrounded by picturesque Italian landscapes ideal for hiking. Namely, visitors who decide to go on this one-hour-long hike will pass by a waterfall, walk through tunnels and over bridges around the lake. In the end, have a sit by the lake and marvel at the mountainous view of the area.

7.A tropical paradise of Tupai

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Tahiti is often mistaken as a heart-shaped island when people are talking about the atoll of Tapui. Situated in French Polynesia, this coral cluster of islands has been the main destination for couples who come here by plane or helicopter. With only 11 miles from famous Bora Bora, this is a wanted spot for weddings with honeymoon location so close by. However, many believe that couples choose Tupai first to say “I do” and then opt for honeymoon at some of the gorgeous Tahitian resorts.    

8.A romantic location of Lovers’ Island

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Galesnjak Island also known as Lovers’ Island in Croatia was first discovered by cartographers in the 19th century. Located in the Pasman Canal of the Adriatic Sea, the island is uninhabited and offers the perfect spot to relax. The water around the island is perfectly blue and with wild flora on the land, this is an ideal place to have a picnic or time away from other tourists. This is also a popular destination wedding venue even though it’s deserted and may prove to be a challenge to organize the dreamy ceremony. 


These amazing heart-shaped places around the world may not offer luxury, but they attract thousands of visitors and make their lives better. Whether you go there to propose, profess love or simply to enjoy the positive vibe they give away, these spots will definitely touch your lives in a special and memorable way. 

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