Hot or Cold Water – Which one should you choose for your Hair?

The water temperature decides your hair look!

With the onset of winters in most parts of the country, you must be bound to choose hot water to bathe with and eventually run it in your hair too. Critical as it may sound, the hot water could be doing more damage to your hair than you think.
Having said that, Water at both the temperatures has its role to play and has subsequent pros and cons.

It’s best to make a prudent choice and it will actively extract the benefits for your hair care regime.

Hot water?

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Use mildly hot water during the first wash because it will help open up your pores and clean out the hair follicles well. Do not overuse hot water as it causes frizz and makes the hair dry and brittle hence, prone to hair fall and other tress-related stress. HairGuard has listed reasons why hot water damages hair and they’re real! If you have your hair highlighted or have gone through any other color treatments, remember that the hot water is causing the color to run out faster so choose wisely.

Cold water?

Just thinking about letting the cold water from the shower touch your scalp may make you go ‘brrrrr’ but for better hair, this is the endurance exercise. Believe Me!

Cold water makes the hair smoother by giving it a flat look (because no frizz here). It’s good to wash off the conditioner with cold water so that the product’s qualities get locked in your hair. It also helps in sealing in the hair’s moisture and clumping the hair together. Because, while warm water tends to create the frizz, cold water tends to flatten your hair.

Here are some tips for better hair quality:

  • Try to use the shampoo and conditioner from the same family.
  • Give your hair a gentle and timely oil massage.
  • Use  Ayurvedic oil for better results.
  • Consult your stylist regarding the best product in accordance with your hair type.
  • Moreover, a hair serum is a good idea if you tend to spend too much time in the sun or amidst pollution.

Now you know how water temperature affects your hair- so, from here it is up to you to choose hot or cold water in accordance with your needs. Choose Wisely!

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