Selfie: A Mandatory Click Before Everything You Do

This recent trend selfie has taken the world of internet by a storm. Selfie is a photograph of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and figuratively it means that it is the best close up of a person clicked for uploading on social media to get likes and comments of friends, family and even strangers.

Steps to Take a Right Selfie

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Look your best with the perfect makeup on, your luscious locks flowing, your features highlighted and the most important element is to get the angle right, then just press the button a hundred times and finally choose the best one for uploading it on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.

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A handy smartphone with an essentially front facing camera and a basic data plan is all one needs to click and instantly share the selfie with the world. The selfie trend especially among the youth has caused a buzz in the mobile industry. India was the fastest growing smartphone market in 2013. Smartphones are selling like hot cakes. Selfie has become a phenomenon which has reached even the remote areas of the world and has connected those people with the mainstream society.

The Selfie Trend

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The celebrities, actors and politicians have taken the craziness a notch higher with their selfies. Everyone wants to get the pout right just like Sonam Kapoor or imitate Virat Kohli’s attitude in their selfie. Various brands are using the selfie wave to promote their products and organize selfie contests for the same. We are often get surprised by people’s creativity while taking a selfie. The selfie fever has spared from children to the elderly and from politicians to actors. Even songs have been composed with a selfie as the theme.

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Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, the word selfie was termed as the ‘word of the year’ by Oxford Dictionary. The word selfie brought with itself various versions like helfie (picture of your hair), welfie (workout selfie) and groupfie (group selfie). Millions of selfies are taken every day and those in between the age of 18 and 24 take 30% of the selfies.

The Reason Behind Selfie

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A psychological reason behind selfie is that it allows us to look at ourselves in the way we want the world to look at us. We want the perfect selfie to match our perception of what we think we look like. Sometimes people take a selfie just to hide their true emotions and show to the world that they are happy which is a matter of great concern because they might be facing serious anxiety or depression problems or taking selfie might be an addiction for people to forget and enjoy the present moment in lieu of capturing it in a selfie for the future.

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Taking a selfie has even turned fatal for many. Trying to click a selfie at dangerous locations like on a bridge, terrace, near a river or on the road with heavy traffic for fun and adventure has cost many people their lives. So taking selfies is fun and cool but one should be cautious and aware of his surroundings.

Every time you step out of your house you are going to find somebody or the other taking a selfie and this selfie culture is only going to rise so be ready with your perfect selfie to become a trendsetter!

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