Can Every Bride Have a Fairy Tale Wedding?

Whether they like to admit it or not, every girl has thought about her ideal wedding at some point. Oddly enough, they seem to have everything figured out down to the very last detail. Everything, except for the groom, of course. Since the choice of the groom is not only theirs to make – besides, the groom does have some say in all of it, brides-to-be mostly focus on everything else.

The hair, makeup, jewelry, dress, shoes, and venue are usually planned down to a T. Most brides-to-be already have their ideal choices in mind when they begin to plan and start looking for wedding essentials. That said, fairy tale weddings seem to have been on the rise lately. Slowly but surely, we’re stepping away from the boho-chic minimalism and stepping into the world of weddings. Disney itself would be impressed with us. So, let’s see how every bride can have a fairy tale wedding.

The Dress

Fairy tale wedding
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The choice of a wedding dress is arguably one of the most important aspects of organizing the perfect wedding. Simply put, you can’t expect to look and feel your best on your special day unless you’re happy and comfortable in your dress. Fairy tale wedding dresses usually involve a lot of layers of tulle, lace, and rhinestones. Ideally, the silhouette of the dress should resemble Cinderella’s ball gown. When it comes to the neckline, one of the most popular choices is usually the off-the-shoulder look. However, you can choose whichever neckline suits your figure best. 

The Jewelry

bridal jewelry
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Bridal jewelry is another essential of the bride’s wedding attire. It doesn’t solely serve the purpose of adorning the bride even further. Rather, in some parts of the world, bridal jewelry symbolizes the blessings of the elders and even serves as the bride’s own future security. That’s why bridal jewelry is very carefully crafted to serve both of these purposes. Now, the choice of the type of jewelry itself usually depends entirely on the bride’s personal style and preferences. From dainty and delicate pieces all the way to elaborate statement pieces, every bride will be able to find stunning bridal jewelry that will tie her entire look together. 

The Shoes

Source: Nina

Since your big day will be one of the most memorable days in your life, you want to make sure you’ll remember it only by the good things. That’s why you need to ensure that you stay as comfortable as possible throughout the day. So, when choosing shoes for your big day, choose something that will provide you with enough comfort and support.

For instance, if you don’t feel too comfortable wearing heels in your day-to-day, they might not be the best choice for your wedding day either. Alternatively, if you still wish to stick to heels regardless, it’s always a better choice to choose a shoe with a smaller heel that follows the natural curve of your foot. Otherwise, you’ll end up with sore feet and blisters which is certainly not something that fits into a fairy tale wedding.

Hair, Makeup and Accessories

makeup and hair
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Next, hair, makeup, and other accessories may initially seem not too relevant, but they all contribute significantly to the final outcome. That is why every bride will need to think long and hard about these as well. Ideally, before the big day, the bride should try out different styles of both hair and makeup, until she finds the one she’s the most satisfied with. The accessories will usually depend on the season the wedding has been scheduled for, as well as the type of wedding photos the couple wants to go with. These can include bridal purses, sun umbrellas, wedding-appropriate winter coats, and all the other bits and pieces that will contribute to the bride’s final look. 

The Venue

wedding venue
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Moreover, the choice of venue – when it comes to fairy tale weddings – is a matter that needs to be approached carefully. Of course, every bride would love to get married in a real castle but, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. However, every venue can be made to look like a real castle from the inside with the help of some creativity and careful planning. So, look for venues that have the potential to be turned into sceneries that look downright magical. Of course, use plenty of flowers, lush fabrics, and delicate cutlery and china to complete the fairy tale vibe. 

Christian wedding venue
Source: Arabia Weddings

In the end, this is your special day, which means that you can – and should – adjust every single aspect of it to your personal preferences. Besides, who’s to say what you can and can not have on your big day?

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