How Can A Cat’s Feces Parasite Alter The Human Mind?

A cat’s feces parasite couldn’t be more puzzling to the researchers.

As per Science Direct, a single-celled parasite Toxoplasma gondii is known to cause infections in humans and other warm-blooded animals. The infection may prompt various peculiar side effects. It varies from extended chances of severe mental illness to an extraordinary possibility of studying marketing/ business.

Furthermore, on an estimate, about one-third of mankind is exposed to it yet, the definite portion of exposure concerning the specific population depends upon different nations.

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How Feces Affect Human Behaviors?

In 2018, a study has brought up a connection linking the exposure to Toxoplasma gondii with entrepreneurial behavior in humans. Therefore, the researchers have studied that the parasite-infected-people were expected to be dominant in businesses and to have commenced their individual businesses better than the parasite-noninfected-people.

Likewise, a sample test was conducted with a sample collection of over 1500 people. The researchers were able to draw the conclusion that the parasite-infected-people are 1.4 times more expected to be dominant in businesses. Besides that, they are 1.7 times more expected to have a significance in the “management and entrepreneurship” field rather than the other usual business fields.

Besides that, the researchers also inspected a group of 200 specialists visiting the entrepreneurship meetings and perceived that the parasite-infected-attendees were 1.8 times more expected to start their businesses in comparison to the parasite-non-infected-attendees.

Alert: The Feces Have Some Puzzling Side Effects On Humans!

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The Toxoplasma gondii infects rodents such that they are no longer afraid of the cat’s urine smell. Probably, it’s a side effect which benefits the cats. Because cats and kittens are more prone to choose the daring and unafraid rodents. As a result, it keeps the parasite’s biological cycle stimulating and rising.

Most importantly, the researchers make an assumption – the parasite has an alike side effect on humans it infects. A rebate befalls in human’s failure fear!

People get Toxoplasma infection by the following ways:

  1. Consuming contaminated meat (like pork and venison) because Toxoplasma can’t be incorporated through the unimpaired skin.
  2. Intaking water tainted with the parasite Toxoplasma.
  3. Unexpectedly consuming the parasite when exposure with cat feces containing Toxoplasma. Chances are while cleaning your pet cat’s litter carton with Toxoplasma in the feces.
  4. In touch with anything associated with a cat’s feces containing Toxoplasma.
  5. A congenital (Mother to child) transmission.

Accordingly, CDC has marked Toxoplasmosis as one of the Neglected Parasitic Infections – a combination of five infections.

Live Science says that currently, no remedies are available to treat Toxoplasma gondii.

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