5 Ayurveda Destinations In India

Though Ayurveda has lost its significance over time, it is gaining popularity in the 21st century again. Many Ayurveda destinations and resorts are now opening in various corners of the country. Some famous wellness resorts are listed below.

5 Ayurveda Destinations In India

1. ANANDA, Uttarakhand

ANANDA, Uttarakhand

Ananda Spa is ideal for relaxing and relieving your mind from the monotonous city life and daily stress. Situated close to Rishikesh in the lap of the Himalayas, this ayurvedic resort has facilities for an Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and modern spa combined treatment. Owing to these beneficial methods of treatment, tired and exhausted bodies are surely going to regain their energy and enthusiasm. Situated 260 km to the north of New Delhi, Ananda Spa has been established in the palace estate of the local ruler here. The wild and untamed Himalayas on one side and the lazily flowing Ganga on the other. 



Ananda Spa has a well-organized pavilion for yoga exercises, gardens, a modern spa ‘rejuvenation routine’, and other facilities. Apart from these, Ananda Spa is famous for its eye-soothing green carpet-like golf course which refreshes both the mind and the body. One is bound to get rid of all anxiety and stress while sitting in the tranquil open-air meditation area. In addition to these, there are arrangements for Vedanta lectures, cooking classes, nature walks or treks, and safaris. Ananda’s USP is its temperature-controlled lap pool. There are almost 100 kinds of treatments regarding beauty and fitness here.



There are special facilities for couples such as ‘Kama Suite’, Steam Shower, and exclusive massage therapy arrangements. All the treatments have been organized in connection with the international wellness programs and the Himalayan weather. Therefore, in the case of oil massages, relatively less oil is used. It includes expert panels, medical services, synchronized massages, and customized diet routines also. There are arrangements for aftercare programs following the treatment.

2. AVN SWASTHYA, Tamil Nadu


Situated in Madurai, this is an entire ayurvedic village. There are arrangements for various wellness programs, diet routines, yoga exercises, beauty therapies, and fitness programs. This is not just a resort. It consists of an ayurvedic hospital also. So, AVN Swasthya is the best for resolving all lifestyle-related problems. In addition to medical treatments, there are arrangements for relaxation too.

Facilities and Specialties

As one walks along the bending tracks of the green carpet like a beautiful garden, he/she will feel relaxed. This unique relaxation center has been built in a mixture of traditional and modern architectural styles. There is no shortage of space here. Not just with medicines, the cure to your diseases will start within the body on its own as you step here. All the herbal medicines and oils are built in its manufacturing unit here. There are two divisions of wellness programs here: Pre-defined and Personalized. This includes stress relief, detoxification, rejuvenation, and skin and beauty care. AVN Swasthya has scope for weight loss, improving muscle strength, and increasing immunity power against diseases. 


Known as God’s own country, Kerala is identified by the tradition of Ayurveda. The first Ayurveda resort of the country, Somatheeram is situated in Kerala itself. The picturesque resort is located to the south of Kovalam Beach. It is ideal for taking a break from the hustle-bustle, traffic, and pollution of the city. Here the sea and the green come together to provide a stunning view. 


Besides ayurvedic therapy, there is scope for undisturbed relaxation too. There are arrangements for private villas according to the guests’ needs. Paralysis, problems related to blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, breathing problems, and such other ailments are treated here. After initial tests, the treatment will be carried out per the doctors’ exercises and diet routines. 

Massage therapy

Somatheeram’s massage therapies are well-known. Not only short-term sessions but also special massage therapy arrangements are made here. ‘Pizhichil’ therapy is worth mentioning. Various kinds of herbal oils are warmed and then massaged on the bodies. This therapy works well in the case of paralysis and nerve-related problems. ‘Ayurvedic Abhyanga’ therapy proves to be beneficial for diabetes or obesity. ‘Nasyam’, ‘Snehapanam’, and ‘Kizhi’ are some of the various therapies which help to cure skin problems and treat sports injuries. 



Situated in Whitefield, Bengaluru, this is a heritage wellness centre. It has a different ethnic charm which makes it a different world altogether. Traditional South Indian architectural style, greenery, and picturesque gardens make one some generations back. One can experience staying in austere forests like in ancient times. 

What makes it special

What makes it special

Spanning an area of 9 acres, the special attraction of this ayurvedic resort is that it also provides ayurvedic treatments to its non-residents. Since this is located in the heart of the city, this arrangement has been made. It has treatment systems for arthritis, depression, diabetes, obesity, infertility, joint pain, insomnia, etc. As soon as you get up, you can go for its signature facial comprising rosewater, honey, and cucumber. This will make you gain vitality for the whole day.


Source – accorhotels.com

Besides being a party destination, Goa is slowly gaining importance as an Ayurveda destination. Surrounded by the waters of Mandovi River, Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Care Center is situated on an island off the coast of Goa. The picturesque view of the resort is very welcoming. Ayurveda and Naturopathy are bound to become an integral part of your lives here.


The ayurvedic methods help in detoxification, getting rid of lifestyle problems, and curing diseases. The ‘Panchakarma’ is very effective in the process of healing the mind and the body. It also has arrangements for yoga exercises, meditation, and cultural functions. Music therapy, diet planning, and lifestyle correction classes are conducted in Devaaya. Other than this, it also consists of a swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, and jogging track. One of its special features is that it has been modelled based on Indian Vastu Shastra.

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