10 Facts About Israel The Birthplace Of Jesus

Israel is the holy desert land where Lord Jesus Christ was born to the Virgin Mary. There is a lack of greenery in this desert country. The rough and dry terrain and the backdrop of the fascinating historical movies “Ben-Hur” and “Ten Commandments” is indeed thrilling. Israel is such a country whose stamp on the visa passport hinders one from entering some Islamic states. 

So, Get To Know Some Facts About Israel, Which Is The Birthplace Of Jesus Christ

1. Golan Heights

Golan Heights
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Topographically, it is a vast basaltic plateau. The hilly and elevated area overlooking the Jordan Rift Valley contains the Jordan River, where Jesus Christ was baptized. People can be seen dipping waist-length in the water of the river and praying with folded hands raised upwards. 

2. Mount of Beatitudes

Mount of Beatitudes
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This is where Jesus delivered his most famous discourse, the radical and counter-cultural sermon on the Mount. It is one of the most captivating and serene places in the holy land. It overlooks the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee and thus offers an enchanting vista. In the town of Capernaum, the ruins of European architecture are visible. 

3. Cana

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It was here that Christ turned water into wine. One can visit Cana to see the building of the Roman Catholic Church, where this famous miracle happened. It is built on the 6th-century church ruins. Excavations underneath have revealed the remains of the ancient Jewish synagogue walls, and an Aramaic mosaic inscription that thanks the donors of the floor. There was also a stone vessel that was presented as one of the miracle’s jars. 

4. Tabgha

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The spot of Tabgha is a quiet cove on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Surrounded by rows of palm trees and lush green grass, it is the site where many stories of the Gospel, including the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, took place. The beautiful mosaics on the floor depict all the miracles of Jesus. 

5. Jerusalem

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Jerusalem aches with the weight of history and has one of the most recognizable skylines in the world. This ancient city is steeped in religious significance. The fabulous museums and the mazy lanes that kings, conquerors, and crusaders have all fought over are bound to enchant and confound its visitors equally.

6. Milk Grotto

Milk Grotto
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This is where Mother Mary nursed baby Jesus, and in the process, a drop of milk fell to the ground, which turned the surfaces of the cave white. The irregular-shaped grotto is carved out of soft white rock. There is an oil painting of Jesus Christ in the lap of Mother Mary.

7. Church of Nativity

Church of Nativity
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This is the birthplace of Jesus and, consequently, the most significant landmark in Bethlehem. At the church entrance, one has to pass by Manger Square and enter through the Door of Humility. The walls in the stunning interior are covered with gold-hued mosaics. Owing to the sanctuary lamps, the church has a beautiful atmosphere. The church has several altars. The main point of interest is the enshrined site of Jesus’ birth.

The cave of the Grotto of the Nativity is reached by descending a small flight of steps. A gorgeous silver star on the marble floor marks the exact point where Jesus was born. Fifteen sanctuary lamps hang above this holy site. 

8. Dead Sea

Dead Sea
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It is the lowest point on the earth’s surface. Its unique feature is that one can float naturally in its waters. It is so saline that no fish can survive in its salty waters. The sea is popular with the Israelis, wanting a few days of relaxation, people taking advantage of the healing properties of the water, as well as tourists visiting the place to experience the unique sea.

9. Church of Holy Sepulchre

Church of Holy Sepulchre
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To the right of the large church, the door is a circular tomb-like area on a long pillar. This is where Jesus Christ was crucified. The painting of sleeping Jesus Christ is there on the wall and surrounding it is Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, and the disciples. There are various kinds of sanctuary lamps studded with precious gems all around the church. It has been a famous pilgrimage center for Christians all over the world for centuries. Despite the mutilations of the centuries, it remains a fascinating complex of structures today.

10. Western Wall

Western Wall
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Also known as the “Wailing Wall,” this is the most religious site in the world for the Jewish people. Built by King Herod, it is the western support wall of the Temple Mount. Thousands of people are seen reciting prayers, either spoken or written down and placed in the cracks of the wall. The barrier has two sections for the males and the females separately. It is open to everyone and is the location of various ceremonies.

Though the holy desert land lacks greenery, it holds the historical value of the ancient world. The authentic religious unity is a wonder for the tourists. Israel brings the stories of the Bible to life.

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