Do You Know The Story Of The Narcissus?

Dealing with people is not easy, but what is worse is dealing with someone who is a Narcissist!! A narcissist is a person, incredibly full of himself. According to him(and only him), nothing will ever be his fault; thinking he is perfect in everything he does.

A narcissist is not only a personality trait but a recognized personality disorder where a person is characterized by abnormal behavior for feelings of self-importance, a continuous need for admiration and not giving attention to other people’s opinions. Many times, such people can’t even be treated as they don’t consider themselves to be affected by any problem. But there is a reason these people are known as narcissists – A person from Greek mythology who fell in love with himself as deep and real as to take his own life.

The Story of Narcissus

According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter and the son of the god of the river Ceiphissus and the nymph Liriope. He was a beautiful and an attractive creature leaving people to crave for his love.

When Narcissus is off for hunting one day, Oread Echo finds him to be extremely charming and madly falls in love with him at that very moment. She wanted him genuinely and made several (failed) attempts at proving her existence and love for him. Not giving up, Echo followed him every time he went into the woods; finally expressing her feelings. After being rebuffed, disheartened, and torn apart she went around in the woods yearning for love, till she turned into a mountain stone with only her sound left behind.

The goddess of revenge, Nemesis cursed Narcissus for his doings; for him to realize how it felt to love someone and never be loved back.

One day Narcissus was enjoying the beauty of nature, and he came across a pool of water. He saw his reflection in it and fell in love; not realizing that it was a mere reflection. He sat there for hours gazing at his own reflection, finally realizing that he could not have love and also feeling disgusted about it. He suffered like this for days, starving and crying. Ultimately dying on the spot with feelings of grief. Narcissist’s body was transformed into a flower where he died by his lovers (the nymphs).

Well, one should love oneself first but not to a point where it takes their life.

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