Technological Addiction Turning to Psychological Disorder: Symptoms and Antidote

We all are addicted to technology and when we talk about technology the first strikes our mind is – smartphone. Continuously checking the phone, scrolling newsfeed and many other things out of boredom we do, but what in return we are getting? Psychological disorder.

These are some symptoms you are at starting stage of technology disorder, most of the people ignore these symptoms or people are not aware of this syndrome. From the study of Harvard University, about 10% of people are suffering from this this disorder.

People are getting addiction of their smart technology. Prior to this increase in numbers of people having psychological disorders.

Anxiety, depression, less of self confidence, disrespect to there own self are beginning symptoms. Suicide like cases or harming their own self , fear of being not attractive etc are its causes.

Here we know which types of disorder are this and how they are affecting our health. Is this syndrome symptoms are not facing you? Know about this disorder and be aware of your mind health.

About 90% of students agree with this , that they usually experienced some vibrations, without having phone.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

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It is also known as a phantom ringing syndrome. By a study of Georgia Institute of Technology, it’s kind of syndrome where the person always gets a feeling of vibration from his phone, even if his phone is not vibrating. The person gets a sensation of vibration everytime from his phone.


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Nomophobia or feeling of Anxiety is when you are not using mobile. In this case, someone can feel fear of not having his phone with him, or checking social media in every few minutes, fear of being backward of awareness in their surrounding. These are some symptoms of nomophobia disorder.

Facebook Depression

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Most of the people have a tendency to observe after posting their status or post. For a continuous time, they look for the number of reaction, likes and comments. But after not getting the desired responses on their post a feeling of anxiety and depression-like conditions occur. This symptom leads to Facebook or social anxiety and depression in them.

Selfities Disorder

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Do you take more than 4-5 selfies in a day? Usually, in this type of disorder, the person gets addicted to taking selfies and a kind of self-obsession builds within themselves which creates an urge to represent them more happy in the virtual world, no matter what are they suffering from.

Internet Addiction

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According to a research, about 6% of the world is getting addicted to the internet and social media, which is causing anxiety and depression in their bringing stages and having a mental disorder of this addiction. To get rid of it, you have to consult a psychologist at an early stage.

Fear of expressing, not loving their body, even torturing or harming body are conditions of late stage. 51% of Indians are spending their most of the time on the internet which is highest of all, 39% Japanese, 31% Chinese are using their most of there time on Internet, and a huge amount of chances of having mental issues and disorder.
Internet disorder or anxiety is becoming a major issue in this world, affecting people psychologically. For curing this, they should consult doctors on time.

How to Rehabilitate Conditions

Time Restrictions

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Take time restrictions while using the phone. Set timer on youtube, and your social account it will click your mind that how much you are spending time on it. This will set your mind and being addicted.

Be a Nature Lover

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This means when you are free feel the nature around yourself. Take time for yourself, breath in peace. Time with you and nature, not this virtual world.

Listen Music

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Where listen means to feel emotions of your in favourite songs. Joy, peace, happiness those emotions will join you to your soul.

Make space for yourself, connect with your soul give you more happiness. This internet is now become a generation, handle yourself with you, not this virtual world.

Remember, wine is also good for health, but in small amount. Everything in little amount is good, but excess is hazardous.

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