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Microsoft Azure Administrator.
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No matter where you look, the influence of Microsoft permeates. Almost every individual, niche, and organization in the world is reliant on their products. Their Windows 10 OS alone has 400 million global users; not to mention the 1 billion PCs & laptops that run some other versions. When we marvel at the universe of gaming consoles, Microsoft shows up again with their ingenious breakthroughs, pumping $13 billion into just their R&D.

Even if we consider acts of charity Microsoft’s philanthropic efforts are still outweighing. In the realm of education as well, this company leads: they offer numerous technical exams that people can take to acquire priceless skills and prestigious certifications. One such assessment we’re going to be peeking into now is AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator.

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Unveiling Test & Certification Details

Unveiling Test & Certification Details
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Microsoft AZ-103 exam is for Azure Administrators who have experience dealing with the security, storage, networking, and compute aspects of cloud; and are apt at working with cloud infrastructure services & environments. The test will challenge you on areas relating to Azure’s resources, virtual machines & networks, subscriptions, and identities.

Its registration fee is $165, with competencies in areas such as ARM templates, Azure Portal, and Command Line Interface acting as prerequisites. AZ-103 is the single exam you need to venture through to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge.

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3 Smart Preparation Tips

Brains always win against brawns. Keeping this in mind, here are some intelligent ways to go about prepping for AZ-103:

Make Use Of Microsoft’s Website

Make Use Of Microsoft's Website
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Live and breathe Microsoft’s website because it’s filled with what’s handy. For instance, you can study using the 47-module Learning Path for AZ-103 which is a logical series of articles that analyze each topic relevant for the exam. Case studies, graphics, practical demonstrations, charts, and down-to-earth explanations; you’ll find it all here! Other gems on Microsoft’s website include books, training courses, and exam prep videos.

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Join Discussion Groups Or Forums

Join Discussion Groups Or Forums
Source: MasterWord

Join online forums and groups that discuss AZ-103. You can interact with both fellow candidates and IT professionals here. They can give you genuine advice and help clear out fuzzy concepts for the exams. You can obtain a real insight into the assessment too. Which topics did past examinees struggle with the most? Were there any unexpected surprises in the test? Investigating these things means you don’t fall into the trap of repeating the same mistakes.

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Practice On

Practice On
Source: Business Matters Magazine

Inhale This site is a practice test wonderland. You can enjoy loads of free training materials for AZ-103 here, plus you can even access IT-expert verified files. These solved mock tests save time and help develop a sense of what the real AZ-103 exam feels like because upon opening these files with the VCE Exam Simulator the whole testing environment of AZ-103 will be presented for you.

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Go The Distance

Having the right skills is one thing… but having proof for it in the form of Microsoft certifications can change the entire complexion of your cloud administering career.

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Take action now and inject your cerebrum with those efficient and helpful practice tests from to conquer Microsoft AZ-103 like a breeze.

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