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    Let’s Float In The Floating Island Of Loktak Lake

    Our incredible India:- “ On Earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it “– Jules Renard The above lines are so beautiful and appropriate when you are in India, where not one but many pieces of heaven can be seen in every portion of it. And each one has the power to make you awestruck by its…

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  • FactsA Beach Which Plays Hide And Seek

    A Beach Which Plays Hide And Seek With You

    How about playing hide and seek with a beach? It sounds strange, isn’t it? Well, it is. Let’s move on to another strange question. Have you ever fantasized about walking on a seabed? Probably, most of you will say this can only be possible through computer graphics.  But this is as real as you can see it. It is a…

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  • Health and WellnessBlack pepper

    Black Pepper: A Great Spice Of Every Indian Kitchen

    What is black gold? Do you know we eat black gold daily? Yes, it’s absolutely true! Just a pinch of black gold makes our food very tasty and delicious. It’s spicy, very strong, makes us sneeze sometimes and also adds more flavor to our dishes……it is commonly called black pepper. Yes, black gold is nothing but a black pepper which…

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  • FactsShani Shingnapur village

    Shani Shingnapur An Unique And Rare Village With No Doors

    Let’s have a glimpse of Shani Shingnapur:- Have you all heard of a place, where people having blind and immense faith or belief in god? Have you ever heard of a place where people avoid security and believe that the god is their only protector who looks after everything over there? If no, then you must visit Shani Shingnapur village.…

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  • Historyhaunted unusual mirrors

    Unclear Mysteries Of Various Haunted Unusual Mirrors In The World

    Looking at ourselves in a mirror is something that we daily do in our lives. It shows how we look or how our outer appearance is. And of course, we use it for creating funny moments in front of it. It somehow fascinates us and at the same time, there are haunted unusual mirrors behind which several mysteries are hidden…

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