A Beach Which Plays Hide And Seek With You

Miracles of nature:-

How about playing hide and seek with a beach? It sounds strange, isn’t it? Well, it is. Let’s move on to another strange question. Have you ever fantasized about walking on a seabed? Probably, most of you will say this can only be possible through computer graphics.  But this is as real as you can see it. It is a miracle of nature. Nature has many wonders of which some are still undiscovered. We can never understand the miracles of nature. It always spellbound us by its beautiful and unusual creations. One such, here I am talking about is the miraculous Chandipur beach, the answer to the above strange questions.

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Let’s play hide and seek with Chandipur beach and know more about it:-

“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think….”                                                                                             – Robert Henri

The depth of these words can be truly understood in terms of Chandipur beach. The beach really has some power to make you think…… “what is really happening?”  Its like, nature is playing magical tricks on you. You can see and feel it by yourself when you’ll have a walk on the beach.

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Chandipur beach or popularly as Chandipur-  on – the sea is situated around 200kms from Bhubaneswar, and 10kms from Balasore district, Odisha. Maybe it is known to many but for travelers, it is a mysterious place which still needs to be discovered more.

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Whats the mystery behind it?

The word ‘ beach’ when comes into our mind, it sounds like similar to any other beach but it’s not with the Chandipur beach. It’s a place where everyone’s experience will be unrivaled. Surprisingly, the beach is not the constant feature over there rather it changes every time. You will be awestruck when you see, the sea disappears or vanishes in front of your eyes and after sometimes it comes back again. It’s like the beach plays the game of hiding and seek with you. Here the sea, actually, moves back by 4 to 5 Kms during low tide and then return back during high tide. This is a unique and rare phenomenon which is not seen in any part of the world. This one of a kind event occurs two times a day.

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Other amazing features of the beach:-

Walt Whitman has truly said that,

” To me, the sea is a continual miracle…”

The Chandipur beach is the clear depiction of the above lines where you can experience the miracle itself.

Due to its rare phenomenon, it is globally popularized as ‘ vanishing sea’. Apart from this, there are other amazing features which add to its uniqueness.

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1. When the sea disappears during low tide it gives you an opportunity to walk on the seabed. Literally giving you a walk to remember.

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2. Not only this, you will be amazed to see that local people over there ride a bike and drive a car on the seabed without any fear.

3. The golden colored sea beach has beautiful casuarina trees and the solitary sand dunes which makes the ambiance over there more peaceful and soothing.

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4. The beach is also home to biodiversity and supports a wide variety of sea animals. You can easily have a glimpse of horseshoe crabs or red crabs and also a variety of fish species.

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5. Vanishing sea of this beach leaves behind different kinds of seashells which are often collected by onlookers and tourists.

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6.  A portion of Chandipur is also under DRDO ( Defence Research & Development Organisation ) where a number of missiles have been launched like Agni, Prithvi, Shaurya, Akash ballistic missiles. So we can see a combination of natural scenic beauty with missile launcher place.

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7.  For seafood lovers, this place offers plenty of options.

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8. Also, every year in the month of February, a beach festival takes place here to showcase folk dance, art, and culture of the State.

Though you can visit this sensational beach anytime, the best time according to the locals is from November to March. So just pack your bags and visit this beach to feel the magic of nature, to feel the wet soft sand under your feet and live up the unforgettable experience.

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