15 Adventure Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

You must have dreamt of going on a vacation, with friends or by yourself, and having the time of your life. Who does not want that? I mean, we only live once right? So let’s live to the fullest! Eating new food and seeing new places is quite liberating, but there is so much more you can do during your trips that make it as memorable as possible. So whether it is your first time trying an adventure activity/ sport, or looking for something new to indulge in, consider the following suggestions to add to your bucket list.

15 Adventure Activities To Do On Your Next Vacation

1. Trekking

Let us start with an adventure activity that you can indulge in if you prefer a slow paced adventure as opposed to a heart-in-your-mouth adrenaline rush. If curiosity kills the cat, then take the cat on a trek, because trekking is all about finding new places along the way, all about the journey, not the destination.

2. Ziplining

Zipline, zip wire, aerial rope slide, flying fox, it goes by many names. Ziplining is a thrilling yet easy sport. It may not seem easy to spectators, but once you try it you realize that most of the work is done by gravity, all you need to do is hang onto the cables and take in all the beautiful scenery as you glide by over it.   

3. Caving

Do you have a knack for wandering into unseen places? Then this activity is just for you. Discovering and walking through caves requires no more than an insatiable curiosity, the courage to satiate it, and love for nature. Caving can be one of the most relaxing yet thrilling experiences ever. 

4. Cliff Diving

Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, staring into the clear blue water beneath, and felt like launching yourself into the water? Well, what are you waiting for? Do it on your next trip! Cliff diving may not be as extreme as bungee jumping or sky diving but it will surely let you continue your adventure with goosebumps and an unforgettable experience. 

5. Rock Climbing

If you’re aiming to reach the top, you will have to make the climb and overcome all the obstacles. And this sport requires you to do just that with chalk covered hands and a strong foothold. Rock climbing may be one of the most hardcore sports out there. So on your next trip, pick a mountain, and overcome it! 

6. Skiing 

A snow-covered mountain may be one of the most beautiful sights ever. Now imagine sliding down those slopes at full speed. Yes, it is as euphoric as it sounds, and on your next vacation, you should definitely make this fantasy come true. One of the most undoubtedly fabulous destinations for skiing is Switzerland, 4 Vallees to be precise. 

7. Scuba Diving

Who hasn’t dreamt about swimming like a mermaid in the ocean in the midst of a school of colorful fish? And what good is a vacation in a tropical island if you don’t go back with the most immersive experience out there (pun intended). Though extremely peaceful, scuba diving is quite adventurous. There is nothing easy about diving into the bottom of the ocean and letting out your inner marine biologist, or just your inner mermaid.

8. Underwater walking 

The only water sport that can compete with scuba diving in terms of adventurousness is underwater walking. If you do not want to deal with all the technical aspects that go into performing a scuba dive, don’t worry! you can still enjoy and closely admire a wide range of fishes and amazingly patterned corals with this relaxing activity.

9. ATV Riding

For those who do not know, ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. And yes, it is just as exciting as it sounds. Be it a desert, a forest, or a mountain, you can enjoy the scenery and all the wilderness around you while zooming past it.

10. Mountain Biking

Cycling down the rocky terrains of a mountain is the best sport for all you adrenaline junkies out there. The rough roads and surrounding wilderness makes it a challenging yet exciting experience.  

11. Hang Gliding

If you had the chance to fly like Superman, would you not take it? While you won’t get the superpowers, you can enjoy being strapped onto a glider and spreading your hypothetical wings to glide over some of the most beautiful sceneries you will ever get an aerial view of. One of the most famous spots for hang gliding is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The beautiful mountains and light tropical breeze take the experience to another level.

12. Rafting

Paddling down the fierce and unpredictable rapids will give you the exhilarating water adventure of your life. Though unpredictable, it is a totally safe sport for you to enjoy high speeds and feeling the cold water splash over you as you race with the waves.

13. Surfing

If you are a fan of board sports, surfing should definitely be on your bucket list. Surfing requires some basic training but is nonetheless one of the most addictive sports ever invented, so beware! So the next time you travel to a beach, take some time to hang ten!

14. Snowboarding

This sport is quite similar to surfing, so if you like one, you will definitely like the other as well. Being just as addictive as any other board sport, snowboarding is just like surfing, but on snow! And you get to launch yourself into the air and through slopes and obstacles, all of which make for a thrilling adventure.

15. Bungee jumping 

This activity hits a 12 on the scale of one to ten with ten being the most heartstopping. Of course it is! This one sport will help you conquer your fear of heights so you can take this accomplishment back as a souvenir. One of the most hardcore places to go bungee jumping is Bloukrans Bridge, Cape Town, South Africa. It is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world.

Trying even one of these activities can make you feel calm and exhilarated at the same time. But given the addictive nature of these activities will leave you wanting more. Sometimes the best souvenirs are memories and good feelings. So get out there make your vacations the best and the most memorable vacations of your life!

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