5 Home Made Juices that Will Help You to Lose Weight!

Juices are the energy drinks that are extracted from the fruits. Juices contain all the nutrients of the fruit and being changed into liquid form makes it easy for the body to digest. You can try making juices at home in order to stay healthy and fit.

Home-made juices to lose weight.

There are many such Food Facts that say juices help you lose weight. In fact, I have seen people going on ‘Only Juice Diet’ where they survive only on juices for a long stretch of time. They do get weight loss, but they don’t understand that what are they actually losing. There is a complete science behind your weight loss. Understanding that is tricky. So, people tend to follow whatever they see or hear.

Is this the right way to treat your body?

Does your body deserve this trial and error things?

Is it okay for you to follow these fact diets without understanding the long-term damage?

“Number on the weighing scale cannot decide your health”

I know this title says, ‘Juices for weight loss’. The recipes in the article will help you lose weight, but this is a supplement to your diet and not the substitute for any nutritional meal!

Recipes for home-made juices to help you lose weight!

Popeye blast     

Name of the ingredientQuantity
Spinach Leaves½ cup
Lemon juice4 tbsp.
Apple / Banana1 whole
Water½ cup

Method: –

  • Squeeze lemons to get 4 tbsp. of lemon juice.
  • Use a hand blender to mash spinach leaves.
  • After it is mashed, add lemon juice and water.
  • Add 1 apple or 1 banana to the spinach and lemon juice prepared.
  • You can add ice to this home made juice that you have prepared. And if you want this Popeye blast to be sweeter, then add 1 fruit (either apple/banana) depending on the taste requirements.

Health note: – Spinach, lemon, and apple are loaded with the goodness of nutrients which helps in weight loss. They are loaded with antioxidants and minerals!

Red Alert smoothie   

home made juices
source- Vegetarian
Name of the ingredientQuantity
Beetroot2 whole
Ginger juice2 tbsp.
Carrots2 whole
Strawberries1 small cup (6-7)
Water½ cup

Method: –

  • Wash all the ingredients properly and peel off the beetroot and carrot skin.
  • Chop and add it in the juicer.
  • To the juice obtained, add strawberries and blend it again.
  • Once the juice is obtained, add ginger juice and water in the mentioned quantities.
  • Add ice to this juice for making it thinner.
  • Enjoy your home made juice in a Red- Blast smoothie flavor!

Health note: Beetroot, carrot, and strawberries are a perfect blend of antioxidants! It helps in keeping you hydrated and losing weight.

The Cu-Wi Blend

source- Simplicity
Name of the ingredientQuantity
Cucumber1 whole
Kiwi2 whole
Lemon2 tbsp.
Water½ cup

Method: –

  • Wash all the ingredients and peel off the cucumber and kiwi skin.
  • Chop and add it in the juicer.
  • To the juice obtained, add water in the mentioned quantities.
  • Add ice to this home made juice for making it thinner and enjoy!

Health note:It can help in getting rid of the abdominal fat because of high water content and low in sodium.

The Green punch

Name of the ingredientQuantity
Apples1 whole
Celery1 whole
Kale1 whole
Cucumbers1 whole
Basil and mint4-5 leaves.
Water½ cup

Method: –

  • Wash all the ingredients.
  • Chop and add it in the juicer.
  • To the juice obtained, add water in the mentioned quantities.
  • Add ice to this juice for making it thinner and your green punch is ready to consume!

Health Note:Excellent detox drink! Have it immediately after waking up at least once a week to get best results.

Fiery punch!

source- The Daring Gourmet
(6) Name of the ingredientQuantity
Green chilies/ Red chillies4 whole
Coconut water4 cups
Sugar free powder /stevia1 sachet/tablet
Lemon juice2 tbsp.
Basil and mint4-5 leaves.
Water½ cup

Method: –

  • Take a glass. Add whole washed chilies.
  • To it, add coconut water, sugar-free powder, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.
  • Stir well to dissolve sugar-free and add chilies to the drink.
  • Top it with few drops of soda.

Health Note:This drink gives you a boost of antioxidants and punch of hydration! Having it every alternate day would be a great idea!

This was all about the best healthy detox recipes of home-made juices to help you lose weight! But remember it is a Supplement and not a Substitute to your healthy diet.

Reach out to me in the case of any queries!

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