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  • LifestyleChanges Adopted By Millennials In This Era

    4 Changes Adopted By Millennials In This Era

    From a long solo journey to spending a night binge-watching content on OTT Platforms, there is a splendid shift in the lifestyle of millennials. They have literally changed the trends being followed and the previous generations are slowly adopting the new and dynamic changes being introduced by millennials. The way they look towards the changes happening in the world has a…

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  • TravelThings To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

    11 Things To Do Now To Prepare For Future Travel

    Travelling feels like a distant dream at this very moment. But, dreams do come true if you’re patient enough. The same goes for our travel plans. If you’ve had a trip coming up like many of us did, but unfortunately had to cancel, there are still some things you can do now to plan future travel amid the crisis.  11…

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  • FactsChanshal Pass

    Chanshal Pass : A Journey Towards The End

    “The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets darker.” – John Muir   Truly quoted by Sir John, the world is a vast place and we must take a look at every beautiful creation of nature before we close the last chapter of our lives.   People travel all across the…

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  • Factstravel facts

    8 Ultimate Facts about Travel No One Has Ever Told You

    It has been a trend now: the word ‘travelling’. You can find the word floating around in almost everyone’s mind these days. The countless ‘travel solo’, ‘wanderlust’, ‘travel diaries’ and whatnot hashtags make it even worse for us to reflect on our studies or long hours of desk jobs. We swear to save funds and travel to cut across the…

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