Unbelievably Stunning Natural Places you Must Visit

Amazing natural places: A must visit for you

Unbelievably stunning natural places you must visit

Are you a traveller or a nature lover?? So here are you on the perfectly right place. Here i am going to introduce you with the 10 most amazing and unbelievably stunning natural places on earth. Believe me they are no less than an art piece. Some of the places look like a dream and you cannot even imagine that they really exist. But yes they do, just because they are still untouched by humans. These places are in their purest form as made by nature. I am sure you would have never seen such pictures of a tourist place. So buckle up and get ready for the virtual adventure before you encounter it for the real. Here are the most beautiful places to must visit:

1.Antelope Canyon

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It is present in Arizona and is one of the most visited slot canyon in the world. And is formed by erosion of sandstone around millions of years back. This huge canyon has two parts upper canyon and lower canyon. And the most visited one is the upper canyon due to its broader passages and ease to explore. While the lower canyon has narrower passages and requires ladders to go through it. It is such a mouth gaping beauty. It is among one of the most beautiful photographic pictures. The main striking feature is its wavy nice cuts in the canyon. These waves looks like a swirl and that is what attracts many travellers any photographers toward it.

2.Ice caves

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The ice caves of Chile is one of the most spectacular beauties of nature. It looks like a mesh of marbles networked together in the form of caves and so well called as “Marble caves”. Presently situated in Patagonia of Chile. These caves were formed years ago due to continuous action of lake water through this marble structure and transformed it into caves. The bluish water of carrera lake flows inside and presents a glassy reflection throughout the caves which is the most eye catching feature.

3. Sagano Bamboo Forest

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This is a preserved natural beauty reserved in Japan. It is present in the Kyoto area of Japan spread in 16 square kilometers. There are multiple bamboo trees grown in an arranged pattern giving an appearance of man-made work but its all natural. There is an amazing sound produced due to the wind whistling through the trees. It is one of the most favorite places to visit among travelers in Japan.

4. Moraine Lake

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It is an awe catching places and one of my favorites. It is famous for its turquoise colored water surrounded by beautiful mountains all around the lake. This is present in Alberta, Canada and is a part of Banff national park. Such a beautiful color is a mixture of rock salt and light refraction altogether. Canoeing, hiking, and helicopter riding are famous in the region for tourists attraction. Thousands of visitors come to this place every year and I am sure you are going to be the next one.

5. Great blue hole

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It is situated in the Belize of America. This is the largest sea-hole known so far. It was formed around 15000 years ago due to increase in sea level and caves got drowned in it. Nowadays it is protected by Belize audubon society and has become a favorite spot for scuba divers. This blue hole gives a shelter to many marine lives. It can be your next spot if you love marine life and scuba diving.

6. Algarve caves

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It is a beautiful cave located on the seashore of Algarve, Portugal. Naturally created by the action of sea waves from outside and inside of the cave. It acts as a shelter for many. When sunlight enters from the hole and the water flow beneath the view looks breathtaking. A magical lightning appearance can be seen when sunlight strikes. Another must visit spot for you.

7. Mount Roraima

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It is a flat-topped mountain range located between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. It comes under the South America National Park range. Surrounded by multiple cliffs it is the area of rains almost all round the clock. It’s a habitat of many rare plants, dense forests, and wildlife. It is a nice place for trekkers and thus attracts many tourists. It is the oldest formations of nature on earth.

8. Zhangye Danxia Landform

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 It is an explicit beauty seen on earth. It is present in Ganshu of China, and is perfectly called as “Eye candy”. Beautifully presents an amazing blend of various colors. Looks perfectly like an oil painting but wait it is for real. The colorful mountain range is a must visit spot in China for tourists and nature lovers. So what are you waiting for, hurry up!

9. Fly Geyser

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Must say, it is just so beautiful place to visit and unbelievable. It is present in Nevada at the end of Black Rock desert. This place was formed when a geothermal energy company dug the earth out for well testing and then closed it. An unusual geyser started at the place which has now become a beautiful spot to visit.

10. Abraham Lake

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It is present in Canada and presents as frozen bubble during winters. It happens due to some unusual scientific changes in water giving it a different look as that of bubbles frozen in water.

So now as I have listed all the unbelievably stunning natural places. So now such amazing views your eyes are missing, don’t be late, book your tickets and fly off to all these places for an amazing trip. Believe me, this is going to be an unforgettable time for you.

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