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6 Best LED Face Masks To Help Boost Your Glowing Skin

LED phototherapy mask therapy is an incredible treatment that uses low-level light therapy through the use of LED light wavelengths to treat different skin concerns. These masks offer multiple advantages and treat many skin complexities varying from wrinkles, acne to pigmentation. It is a non-invasive method of facial treatment that helps in improving your skin by emitting different colors of light. 

LED light therapy masks are supported by scientific studies and treatments, and after all the research, it has been stated that these therapy products have very significant success and high patient satisfaction levels.

Here are some of the best LED light devices that help in giving you glowing skin and are successful in removing scars. Have a glance below: 

6 Best LED Face Masks To Help Boost Your Glowing Skin

1. Earthy Selections 3 color LED Phototherapy mask

Earthy Selections 3 color LED Phototherapy mask
Source: Earthy Selections

This product by Earthy Selections helps in skin rejuvenation and also curtails acne development by using its color wavelength on the skin. These three colored (red, blue, and orange) visible lights help in reducing the bacteria which cause acne and stimulating the production of new cells, collagen, and elastin. Use this safe technique and easy to use the mask for a positive and long-lasting impact on the skin. Moreover, this do-it-all mask is the future of at-home skincare and well-being. Experience this exclusive technology without making a hole in your pocket. With regular use of this mask, your skin will transform flawlessly vibrant. 

2. NEWKEY LED light therapy 7-color facial skincare mask

NEWKEY LED light therapy 7 color facial skincare mask

Red and blue light is predominantly effective in killing bacteria and relieving the effects of skin conditions such as acne. This 7 colored facial mask from NEW KEY makes sure that it gives the best cure to all your skin-related complications. The LED bulbs use 150 UV-free and non-heating producing, which makes them effective to fill collagen, smooth out wrinkles, combat acne and other imperfections. This mask is very easy to use and works exceptionally well as a whole. Best choice for those who want beautiful and youthful skin for years into the future. 

3. Eco Face Near-infrared LED photon mask

Eco Face Near-infrared LED photon mask
Source: Kelly Driscoll

This product is known for its feature of powerful infrared technology to heal the skin and reverse the natural aging process. This LED face mask is made of eco-friendly plastic using a malleable printed circuit board (PCB) to hold the LEDs in place. For a total of 120 LED lights, this product helps in stimulating and boosting activity on a cellular level, helping to regenerate cells, diminishes inflammation, and penetrates deep into the skin without causing any detrimental effects. It is a great overall investment to advance the skin texture of your skin. 

4. Pro-Nu Light Photon Facial Mask

Pro-Nu Light Photon Facial Mask

Best mask to prevent premature aging. It helps in maximizing elasticity, so your skin does not start to slouch and sag over the years. The 7 in 1 rejuvenation system present in this mask is ideal as it provides the most efficient design possible to this product. This mask also guarantees youthful and radiant skin in 30 days and instantaneously decreases acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin aging minus the ugly side effects.

5. LightStim LED mask for acne

 LightStim LED mask for acne
Source: Healthline

Acne is a very common skincare problem, and there are many suggested home remedies and products that cure acne, but not all of them are supported by research. But this mask is clinically proven to treat annoying patches of hormonal acne on your skin. The goal of this device is to reduce inflammation, calm the skin during breakouts, and prevent further skin breakouts. Best suitable for people who are suffering from acne. Be consistent with this device and see the magic thereafter.

6. Light shield

Light shield
Source: The Mirror

Popular for its antibacterial property and consecutively used in acne treatment. This light shield increases cellular growth and actively produces new skin cells. The best part about this device is you can do other things and see through it and get some work done with this mask on your face. Try this outstanding version which uses red, blue, and amber light to calm skin inflammation, acne and brighten skin. Repeat it daily to reap the maximum benefits out of it. 


Dermatologist’s treatments are very expensive in order to get a facial treatment. These hassle-free LED masks are comparatively cheaper. Moreover, They won’t ever harm your skin or give you any side effects at all. There are a lot of red light therapy masks available in the market right now, but not all of them provide the result you desired for. All these masks are really effective in retaining your gorgeous youthful appearance for many years to come. It is advisable to use this mask after cleaning your face properly with a high-quality natural face cleanser and moisturizer. Repeat it every day for the desired result.


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