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14 Ways to Make Your Periods Regular

The faulty food habits prevalent in the present times make menstruating women prone to several uterine problems. One common issue that is being addressed nowadays is the irregularities in the menstrual cycles, delayed periods, and reduced blood flow. Many women get worried because of it. This article will provide you with information about this issue and will give you a list of some easy steps to follow to make your periods regular.

Regular periods can be achieved by taking remedial measures towards our lifestyle. We tend to unintentionally make too many unhealthy mistakes, which further becomes the reason for suffering for the body. Irregularities in the periods too can be checked upon by fixing the bugs in our lifestyle. Some steps that are listed below can be beneficial in making your periods regular.

14 Ways to Make Your Periods Regular

1. Maintaining a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is very important to be healthy. Girls who are obese are much more likely to develop irregularities in their menstrual cycle compared to girls and women who maintain a healthy weight. An easy step that can be followed is being aware of one’s BMI (Body Mass Index). Having a constant weight according to your age can help in solving this problem.

2. Exercise

Exercising for at least 15 to 20 minutes should be made a routine. This will keep your mind fresh. People who exercise daily tend to live a longer life in comparison to people who don’t. Irregularities in periods can also be solved if one develops this essential and healthy habit of exercising daily.

3. Limiting junk

Limiting your junk is a standard piece of advice that you all hear from parents, doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians. If you consume daily oily food and foods high in fat content, you are contributing to period irregularities. So limiting your junk usage can be a resolution that you can form if you want regular periods.

4. Avoiding stress

Taking too much stress can make you prone to several mind-related diseases and disorders. People who get stressed quickly are the ones who often experience uterine infections. Thus avoiding stress and unnecessary tension is advisable for keeping the brain healthy and making your periods regular.

5. Abdominal massages

Sometimes massaging your abdomen helps in solving period irregularities. Abdominal massages relax your stomach and help in proper flow during your periods.

6. Low fat intake

Lowering your fat intake helps treat period-related problems such as irregular periods. Consumption of Unsaturated fats is responsible for irregular menstrual cycles.

7. Avoiding cheese and dairy products

The more cheesy, the more it is delicious, but too much cheese is awful for the body and especially for your stomach. Having cheese leads to a higher fat content in the body which further increases your weight and becomes the reason for irregular periods and even low blood flow. Too much cheese is also dangerous for a healthy heart.

8. Have vitamins daily

Having your vitamins daily can solve your period’s problems. Vitamin C and D help in easing your period pain and solve many uterine issues. Fruits rich in fibre and vitamins help make your periods regular.

9. Don’t panic

This is something normal and can be treated by following small steps daily. Panicking can disturb your mental health and make your situation worse. You can make your periods regular by following a healthy lifestyle and taking small steps every day.

10. Being active

Laying around all day and being lazy can worsen your situation. Doing small routine tasks like taking a walk, not sitting for long hours, and doing some physical activity is a typical recommendation that can help you make your periods regular. Playing your favourite sport or doing physical chores can also help.

11. Sleep

Several studies show that people who, on average, have fewer sleep hours tend to have several uterine problems. Thus maintaining regularity in your periods of sleeping for at least 8 hours is an essential step. Having a great night’s sound sleep solves your period problems and helps relax your body and regulate your body weight.

12. Being happy

Staying happy is quite underrated these days. Happiness is the simplest solution to many of our physical and mental aches. Doctors mention time, and again that one can overcome the gaps in one’s menstrual cycle by doing nothing but, most importantly, stay happy. The more one worries or feels stressed about the gaps, the more stressful it gets for the body.

13. Awareness

Awareness also plays an essential role in overcoming irregularities in periods. One should be aware of what suits one’s body and what doesn’t. Foods that trigger your abdominal pains and cause indigestion or bloating should be restricted as much as possible.

14. Healthy diet

The diet also plays a crucial role in maintaining regular periods. Having a balanced diet full of proteins, fibers, vegetables, and vitamins should be followed. Water intake should be checked. At least drinking 8 to 9 glasses of water should be practiced.


Thus Periods mostly depend on our body’s internal health. One can easily overcome the gaps or the irregularities in the periods by following several small steps. Missing periods once in a while is entirely okay, but long gaps in the menstrual cycle demand a severe check into the body’s internal problems. By following the steps mentioned above, one can overcome menstrual irregularities.

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