Is CompTIA A+ Certification Worth It? Here’s What to Know

Technology advances continue to play a key role in satisfying many organizations’ business needs. And as IT becomes more integrated into many activities in the modern-day job market, individuals with the right skills will always make a killing in this industry. That’s why it makes absolute sense to launch a career in IT.

But as a newbie, where do you start? That’s the biggest question. Well, if you would like to find out the answer, then this post is for you.

Here, we are going to break down the details of the CompTIA A+ credential to give you an overview of what you should expect from your comptia network+ training and the impact this learning path can have on your job prospects.

Overview of Entry-level CompTIA A+ Certification Path

Overview of Entry-level CompTIA A+ Certification Path

CompTIA is widely known for its 4 diverse certification categories that validate different knowledge areas. Like a career ladder, these credentials are neatly arranged starting with the entry-level programs to expert. These include the Core badges, the ones related to Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and other Additional Professional programs.

Perhaps, the most popular CompTIA training path is the Core track that verifies vital IT knowledge covering basic concepts and includes ITF+, Exam-Labs, Network+, and Security+ certifications. Since this article is focused on the mentioned CompTIA A+ Certification, let’s now switch our attention to the details of this prestigious badge.

Details of CompTIA A+ Credential

Details of CompTIA A+ Credential

As was already said, CompTIA A+ is an entry-level credential that’s meant to validate the foundational IT knowledge of professionals involved in PC service. The corresponding exams have been designed to check if the aspiring candidates can install, maintain, customize, and operate personal computers.

Often, this certification is viewed as the general standard for starting a career in IT. Today, with CompTIA A+, you are not just an entry-level specialist but a dependable problem solver who has proven the competency in an industry well-known for stiff competition.

CompTIA A+ Exam Series

CompTIA A+ Exam Series

Completing the Network+ Practice Test N10-007 path requires candidates to take and pass 2 tests. These include Core 1, commonly known as 220-1001 and Core 2, denoted 220-1002. These exams will focus on different skills that are commonly assessed by the CompTIA A+ certification reinforcing all the knowledge areas an entry-level IT professional is expected to understand. Below is a list of the skills and concepts you need to be aware of:

  • Installation and configuration of various operating systems
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software
  • Basic security skills that are required of IT support specialists
  • Supporting fundamental IT networking and infrastructure
  • Configuring and supporting mobile devices
  • Implementing fundamental data backup and retrieval methods

Reasons to Launch an IT Career with CompTIA A+

Reasons to Launch an IT Career with CompTIA A+

It’s a valid argument that the CompTIA A+ badge is one of the best options for launching an IT career. But why exactly should you consider this credential for your professional advancement? A few reasons are highlighted below.

A path to career growth

Completing your Download 220-1001 shows that you have first-hand knowledge of basic IT concepts. So, possessing CompTIA A+ certification is an indication that you can perform basic tasks regarding software and hardware and handle troubleshooting processes. These skills and many others you’ll gain will serve as the perfect starting point for a career as an IT support specialist.

Improved earning potential

Information technology is among the best-paying industries but only if your competencies are up to date. Of course, different factors will influence your salary but getting certified will verify your suitability for specific IT job roles that come with huge earning potential. Who said entry-level roles must be limited to boring, tedious, and low-paying, anyway?

An opportunity to update your IT knowledge

CompTIA credentials are constantly updated to reflect the latest IT knowledge and A+ badge is no exception. Besides, this CompTIA A+ certification is designed by industry experts, meaning it has been verified and structured to contain the critical skills an entry-level technician will be required to possess.

Tips for Excelling in CompTIA A+ Exams

Tips for Excelling in CompTIA A+ Exams

As you might have known, the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Dumps path is comprehensive. And you will need high-quality materials to help you crack any of the required tests on the first attempt. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Create a test lab

Let’s be honest here, experience matters when facing a certification exam. So before taking any of the mentioned CompTIA A+ tests, it’s important to set up a personal lab and assess your skills beforehand.

And by the way, a typical CompTIA A+ test lab will only require a desktop computer, a monitor, a few networking components such as a switch or a router, and the latest Operating System as covered by exams 220-1001 and 220-1002.

Use Practice Tests

Nothing is more effective in preparing students for a certification exam than valid and updated practice tests from a reliable provider. Luckily, different IT training websites such as ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, PrepAway, and ExamCollection got your back in this. Moreover, they provide their mock tests in the format suitable for use in the Exam Simulators which will give insight into what exactly awaits you on assessments.

Select the Right A+ Study Guide

The CompTIA A+ certification will cost you some money considering at least a registration fee of $226 for each exam. So, you better get all the concepts right on your first attempt. There’s nothing wrong with moderating your expenditure but the frugal attitude can easily lead to your downfall. It will be wise not to save on reliable study materials that will reinforce all the important knowledge areas and help you face the tests confidently.



Becoming Link CompTIA accredited is the path leading to the attainment of important career goals. By getting A+ credential, you will join a global community of certified IT professionals who can make a huge difference in the field. Verifying your skills using this badge brings you strong professional knowledge that will enable you to work efficiently and fulfill an organization’s business needs. Want to gain recognition in IT? Begin your training today and rise through the ranks by making important strides in the industry.


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