Aam Aadmi Party In Pakistan: There’s Not One But Over Six AAP In Pak

Presence of an Aam Aadmi Party in Pakistan! And that too not one but six of them and no prizes for guessing their motive!.

After researching on Internet, we came across a fact about Aam Aadmi Party that shocked us and will surely startle you as well.

We all know how renowned Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party is. However, never knew that its electoral success and subsequent popularity could be so influential that it would lead to more than half dozen AAP parties in Pakistan.

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Yes, you read it right. As per media reports, many political outfits in Pak have the same name and similar ideology as well.

Let us read some interesting fact about these Indian AAP party inspired parties:

1. One of the Aam Aadmi Parties is led by a human rights activist from Gujranwala named Arslan Ul Mulk. The original name of the party was Pakistan Mujhahir League. The coincidence doesn’t end here. The party founder’s most favoured protest method is hunger strikes!

2. Then there is Aam Aadmi Justice Party which is led by Mian Ghulam Rasool. The party founder is an advocate at the Islamabad High Court, and the ideology is that of a new vision, new minds, prosperity and justice.

3. There is another Aam Insan Movement which was commenced by Rana Moeen Akhtar, and there is Aam Log Party Pakistan led by Muhammad Naseem Sadiq.

4. There is also an Aam Admi Party in Islamabad led by Adnan Haider Randhawa. Randhawa is a human rights activist and lawyer. The objective of the party is to strive for national reformation by replacing corrupt officials to bring down the rule of the elite.

5. As per media report, the election poll panel’s website also show many more AAP parties like Aam Pakistani Ittihad Party led by Sajid Iqbal, Aam Pakistani Party launched by Syed Safdar Rizvi in Karachi, Aap Janab Sarkar Party in Lahore by Dr Amber Shahzada and All-Pakistan Aam Aadmi Party as well, in Rawalpindi by Nasir Mehmood.

What do you think about these Pakistani counterparts of AAP? Let us know in the comments below.

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