10 Foods You Should Avoid For Breakfast

Breakfast, obviously, is the most important meal of the day. The food you consume early morning makes a direct effect on your physical as well as mental health. We wake up after a long fast that lasts for almost 7-8 hours. It is very important to lift up your mood, feel fresh in the morning, and for that, breakfast is the key. For a healthy lifestyle it is important to have a good nutrient-dense meal.

We are generally busy with our lives and due to this, many people skip their breakfast. They don’t even know how badly this avoidance can affect their life. They also notice how lethargic, cranky, and irritable they feel the entire day because of this skipping of breakfast.

So here are foods you should avoid for breakfast

Having a good breakfast not only makes you feel energized and healthier, but also makes your entire day good. Make sure that you are eating healthy food during this time as wrong food choices can put you at the risk of digestive disorders. These are some foods as follows which you should avoid eating during your breakfast. You might not know how they are causing harm to your body in some way or other.


Eating salads is always a good option to maintain good health – physical as well as mental. But you should always avoid having salads in the early morning. The raw vegetables are highly rich in fiber which might be difficult to digest in the early morning. And having these raw vegetables in the morning can lead to problems such as gas, bloating, and abdominal pain for the entire day.


Many people like to have fruit juice in the early morning, but is it good to have this? Mostly people consumed packed juices and they are full of sugar. Apart from sugar they also have a high quantity of artificial sweeteners and a negligible amount of fiber in them. Consuming this high amount of sugar in the morning can make a direct effect on your pancreas. The immense amount of sugar might not be good for the pancreas as it is still waking up after long hours of rest. This can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes to a great extent.


Citric fruits are a good source of Vitamin C and also beneficial for your skin along with being immunity-boosters. But consumption of citric fruits in the morning can increase the risk of citric acid in the stomach. This can make your entire day less productive and irritating. Apart from this, consumption of these foods can also lead to uneasiness, heartburn, and gastric problems.


Many people say that the consumption of caffeine early in the morning is not good for health. Although starting your day with a warm cup of coffee is a very normal thing for all of us but some have to face its ill-effects. Having a cup of coffee on an empty stomach can cause the production of acidic juices in the stomach. This may lead to many gastric problems.


Eating fruits in the morning is one of the best things, but you should also know which of them are good for early morning and which are not. Banana is a type of fruit that you must avoid during breakfast. This fruit contains a huge amount of magnesium and potassium. These nutrients may result in an imbalance of the two minerals in the blood when taken on an empty stomach.


Eating yogurt sounds healthy, but it only proves itself healthy when it is taken at the right time. If you consume this in the early morning then its lactic acid bacteria can obviously leave some of its side effects on your body.  It’s good to have your yogurt for another meal of your day.


As we all are living in our busiest lifestyle we always go for what is handy and always less time-consuming. And most of the people go for cereals every morning. Cereals are known to be a very easy and healthy breakfast. They are the easiest to prepare but not so healthy for your body as you think. These cereals are rich in added sugar and also low in fiber and protein.  


Muffins are mostly served during breakfast. Although muffins seem like they are acceptable but they are really just cake! Bakeries and cafe muffins can have up to 800 calories. These sweet-treats won’t keep you energized during the day.

But if you have a craving to eat muffins for breakfast then you should adopt some healthy recipes and or else you can have a half of muffin and pair it with a protein-filled treat such as Greek yogurt.


According to the WHO, processed meat causes cancer and they warned the people about this back in 2015! Both bacon or sausage are considered processed meat. Regular consumption of processed meat every day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. Evidence was also found that it can increase the risk of colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate cancers.


Grabbing a candy while going to work in the morning may suit your needs on occasion as a quick energy boost, but you can’t rely on it as your daily breakfast food. Candy is too high in sugar, processed fats, and additives such as preservatives and flavor enhancers. If you consume candy on a regular basis, you are going to miss out on important nutrients, vitamins, minerals in fresh whole foods.

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